Philosophy and the Ancient Novel [Hardback]

Marília F. Futre Pinheiro (Editor); Silvia Montiglio (Editor)

ISBN: 9789491431890 | Published by: Barkhuis | Series: Ancient Narrative Supplementum | Year of Publication: 2015 | Language: English 179p,

Philosophy and the Ancient Novel


The papers assembled in this volume explore a relatively new area in scholarship on the ancient novel: the relationship between an ostensibly non-philosophical genre and philosophy. This approach opens up several original themes for further research and debate. Platonising fiction was popular in the Second Sophistic and it took a variety of forms, ranging from the intertextual to the allegorical, and discussions of the origins of the novel-genre in antiquity have centred on the role of Socratic dialogue in general and Plato’s dialogues in particular as important precursors. The papers in this collection cover a variety of genres, ranging from the Greek and Roman novels to utopian narratives and fictional biographies, and seek by diverse methods to detect philosophical resonances in these texts.

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