Rome, Polybius and the East [Hardback]

Peter Sidney Derow (Author); Andrew Erskine (Editor); Josephine Crawley Quinn (Editor)

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ISBN: 9780199640904 | Published by: Oxford University Press | Year of Publication: 2015 | Language: English 384p,

Rome, Polybius and the East


Rome, Polybius, and the East offers a collection of seventeen of the more important papers written by the late Peter Derow, Hody Fellow and Tutor in Ancient History at Wadham College, Oxford, during the course of his career. With a detailed introduction by the editors, the papers make up a distinctive and influential body of work-essential reading for anyone interested in Roman imperialism or Polybius, and Rome's rise to Mediterranean power. They include Derow's classic survey articles on the Roman conquest of the East, the great Greek historian Polybius, his investigations of the Roman calendar, and several papers on epigraphy. It also contains a bibliography of Derow's work.

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