The Bloomsbury Companion to Aristotle [Paperback]

Claudia Barrachi (Editor)

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ISBN: 9781474250900 | Published by: Bloomsbury | Year of Publication: 2015 | Language: English 432p,

The Bloomsbury Companion to Aristotle


Aristotle is one of the most crucial figures in the history of Western thought, and his name and ideas continue to be invoked in a wide range of contemporary philosophical discussions. The Bloomsbury Companion to Aristotle brings together leading scholars from across the world and from a variety of philosophical traditions to survey the recent research on Aristotle's thought and its contributions to the full spectrum of philosophical enquiry, from logic to the natural sciences and psychology, from metaphysics to ethics, politics, and aesthetics. Further essays address aspects of the transmission, preservation, and elaboration of Aristotle's thought in subsequent phases of the history of philosophy (from the Judeo-Arabic reception to debates in Europe and North America), and look forward to potential future directions for the study of his thought.

Table of Contents

List of Contributors \ Acknowledgments \ Corpus Aristotelicum \ “Introduction: Paths of Inquiry” Claudia Baracchi \ Part I: Questions \ 1. Logos \ Saying What One Sees, Letting See What One Says: Aristotle's Rhetoric and the Rhetoric of the Sophists Barbara Cassin \ Aristotelian Definition: On the Discovery of Archai Russell Winslow \ 2. Phusis \ Aristotle on Sensible Objects: Natural Things and Body Helen Lang \ On Aristotle's Formula: Physics IV. 11, 14 Rémi Brague \ 3. Psuchê \ Phantasia in De Anima Eric Sanday \ Mind in Body in Aristotle Erick Raphael Jiménez \ The Hermeneutic Slumber: Aristotle's Reflections on Sleep Marcia Sá Cavalcante Schuback \ 4. Philosophia Prôtê \ First Philosophy Alejandro Vigo \ First Philosophy and the History of Being in Aristotle's Metaphysics Spyridon Rangos \ 5. Êthos \ Aristotle on Human Nature and the Foundations of Ethics, with an “Addendum” Martha C. Nussbaum \ The Visibility of Goodness Pavlos Kontos \ To Kakon Pollachôs Legetai: The Poly-vocity of the Notion of Evil in Aristotelian Ethics Arianna Fermani \ 6. Polis \ Education: The Ethico-Political Energeia Michael Weinman \ 7. Poiêsis \ Toward the Sublime Calculus of Aristotle's Poetics Kalliopi Nikolopoulou \ Part II: Disseminations \ Aristotle on the Natural Dwelling of Intellect Idit Dobbs-Weinstein \ The Peripatetic Method: Walking with Woodbridge, Thinking with Aristotle Christopher Long \ What Remains of Aristotle's Metaphysics Today? Enrico Berti \ Would Aristotle Be a Communitarian? Pierre Aubenque \ Glossary (Erick Raphael Jiménez) \ Chronology of Recent Research (Benjamin J. Grazzini) \ Bibliography (Erick Raphael Jiménez) \ Resources (Benjamin J. Grazzini and Erick Raphael Jiménez) \ Sources of Translated/Reprinted Essays \ General Index

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