Challenges of Mapping the Classical World [Hardback]

Richard J. A. Talbert (Author)

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ISBN: 9781472457820 | Published by: Routledge | Year of Publication: 2018 | Language: English 256p,

Challenges of Mapping the Classical World


Richard Talbert's historical interests have focused primarily in recent years on Greek and Roman spatial perceptions, and on mapping the classical world. The items collected in this volume, both previously published and unpublished, cohere around the theme of mapping and were all originally prompted by Talbert's commission to equip everyone who studies classical antiquity with the definitive atlas that had not been at their disposal for more than a century. Articles include an account of the Smith/Grove atlas, a project launched in the mid-1850s and which embodied a radical rethinking of how the classical world should be mapped. The first article offers a brief overview of the situation before the 1850s and subsequent chapters illustrate and evaluate progress, or the lack of it, between the mid-19th century and around 1990. The thinking that Talbert brought to the transformative classical atlas project that resulted in the publication of the Barrington Atlas of the Greek and Roman World in 2000 is outlined and the volume includes the summary six-monthly reports documenting the project's progress from 1991 through to completion. A further chapter reflects retrospectively on the cartographic challenges and how they were overcome during a dizzying decade in which the digital revolution transformed map production. With awareness of this transformation, a further chapter describes the establishment of the Ancient World Mapping Center at Chapel Hill and illustrates the ability it showed to take the lead in developing digital cartography of the classical world.

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