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  1. Hunters, Heroes, Kings

    Hunters, Heroes, Kings: The Frieze of Tomb II at Vergina [Hardback]

    Hallie M. Franks (Author)


    ISBN: 9780876619667
    Published by : American School of Classical Studies at Athens
    Series: Ancient Art and Architecture in Context
    Volume: 3
    This monograph considers the painted frieze on the façade of Tomb II at Vergina (ca. 330-280 B.C.) as a visual document that offers vital evidence for the public self-stylings of Macedonian royalty in the era surrounding the reign of Alexander the... .... Learn More
  2. A Fragmented History

    A Fragmented History: A Methodological and Artefactual Approach to the Study of Ancient Settlement in the Territories of Satricum and Antium [Paperback]

    G. Tol (Author)


    ISBN: 9789491431036
    Published by : Barkhuis
    Series: Groningen Archaeological Studies
    Volume: 18
    This dissertation presents four methodological case studies that elaborate on the results of two field survey projects (the Astura and Nettuno surveys) that were carried out by the Groningen Institute of Archaeology (GIA). The case studies aim at ... .... Learn More
  3. The Cities of Roman Africa

    The Cities of Roman Africa [Paperback]

    Gareth Sears (Author)

    Regular Price: £17.99

    Special Price: £8.00

    ISBN: 9780752448435
    Published by : The History Press
    The Roman province of Africa was one of richest in the Empire and as a result has some of the most spectacular remains. This book examines the development of urban space and cultural life in this province from the beginnings of Roman rule in t... .... Learn More
  4. Rethinking Ostia

    Rethinking Ostia [Paperback]

    Hanna Stoger (Author)

    Regular Price: £35.00

    Special Price: £20.00

    ISBN: 9789087281502
    Published by : Leiden University Press
    Rethinking Ostia presents an archaeological and spatial approach to Roman urbanism, focused on Rome's port city. Following a scaled approach, the book examines different aspects of Ostia's urban landscape, applying Space Syntax's methods for ... .... Learn More
  5. Divine Interiors

    Divine Interiors [Hardback]

    Eric M. Moormann (Author)

    Regular Price: £89.00

    Special Price: £29.95

    ISBN: 9789089642615
    Published by : Amsterdam University Press
    Divine Interiors is an investigation into the decoration of Greek and Roman temples with wall paintings. Mighty marble facades, sculptures and paintings played an important role in relation to these monuments. While the official temples, which ... .... Learn More
  6. Deliciae Fictiles IV

    Deliciae Fictiles IV: Architectural Terracottas in Ancient Italy. Images of Gods, Monsters and Heroes [Hardback]

    Patricia S. Lulof (Editor); Carlo Rescigno (Editor)


    ISBN: 9781842174265
    Published by : Oxbow Books
    In Ancient Italy, temples were adorned with full-figure architectural terracotta images such as acroteria, statuary groups and high reliefs. These terracottas mostly show complex scenes of gods and heroes, legendary battles and mythical animal... .... Learn More
  7. Militär in Rom

    Militär in Rom: Militärische und paramilitärische Einheiten im kaiserzeitlichen Stadtbild [Paperback]

    Alexandra Busch (Author)


    ISBN: 9783895007064
    Published by : Reichert Verlag
    Series: PALILIA
    Volume: 20
    During the Republican era, Rome was considered a demilitarized zone. Augustus's rule marked the first time soldiers were stationed in the capital of the Empire and it is therefore a crucial turning point between Republic and Principate. 10,000 to ... .... Learn More
  8. Domestic Space in Classical Antiquity

    Domestic Space in Classical Antiquity [Paperback]

    Lisa C. Nevett (Author)

    Regular Price: £26.99

    Special Price: £4.95

    ISBN: 9780521789455
    Published by : Cambridge University Press
    Housing is shaped by culturally-specific expectations about the kinds of architecture and furnishings that are appropriate; about how and where different activities should be carried out; and by and with whom. It is those expectations, and the ... .... Learn More
  9. She-Wolf

    She-Wolf: The Story of a Roman Icon [Paperback]

    Cristina Mazzoni (Author)

    Regular Price: £14.99

    Special Price: £6.95

    ISBN: 9780521145664
    Published by : Cambridge University Press
    Cristina Mazzoni examines the evolution of the she-wolf as a symbol in western history, art, and literature, from antiquity to contemporary times. Used, for example, as an icon of Roman imperial power, papal authority, and the distance between ... .... Learn More
  10. Masterpieces of Classical Art

    Masterpieces of Classical Art [Hardback]

    Dyfri Williams (Author)

    Regular Price: £19.99

    Special Price: £7.95

    ISBN: 9780714122540
    Published by : British Museum Press
    158 artefacts from the British Museum's world class Classical collections are beatifully presented in this full colour book. Each piece has a whole page to itself for its photograph with a description on the facing page (and photos from other a... .... Learn More

Items 21 to 30 of 79 total

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