Militär in Rom: Militärische und paramilitärische Einheiten im kaiserzeitlichen Stadtbild [Paperback]

Alexandra Busch (Author)

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ISBN: 9783895007064 | Published by: Reichert Verlag | Series: PALILIA | Volume: 20 | Year of Publication: 2010 | Language: English 148p,

Militär in Rom


During the Republican era, Rome was considered a demilitarized zone. Augustus's rule marked the first time soldiers were stationed in the capital of the Empire and it is therefore a crucial turning point between Republic and Principate. 10,000 to 40,000 soldiers now lived in Imperial Rome and they became an essential part of urban culture. The theme of this book is the urban Roman army in all its facets; it covers the complexities of its cultural appearance, its effect on the urban population, and the importance of civilian life in the capital. For the first time the written, archaeological and visual sources on the military in Rome are put together and present a comprehensive picture of the life and work of urban Roman soldiers. German Text.

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