The Herculaneum Women [Hardback]

Jens Daehner (Author); Kordelia Knoll (Author); Christiane Vorster (Author); Moritz Woelk (Author)

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ISBN: 9780892368822 | Published by: Getty Trust Publishing | Year of Publication: 2007 | Language: English 178p, b/w and col pls

The Herculaneum Women


Oxbow says: In c.1711 three life-size Roman marble statues known as the Large and Small Herculaneum Women were discovered near Portici in the Bay of Naples. Sealed by the eruption of Vesuvius in AD79, once discovered thay were taken to Vienna and then to Dresden, where they remain today. This beautifully illustrated book tells the story of their discovery and archaeological context, presents an art historical interpretation of the three statues, and looks at the general impact of Greek female statuary throughout the ancient world, especially those of the Herculaneum type including replics and representations on grave reliefs and sarcophagi. Speculation is also made on the function and identity of the statues, whether they represent mortal or divine women and what they owe to the tradition of Greek sculpture.

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