A Companion to Julius Caesar [Paperback]

Miriam Griffin (Editor)

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ISBN: 9781119025573 | Published by: Wiley-Blackwell | Year of Publication: 2015 | Language: English 536p,

A Companion to Julius Caesar


This volume represents something of a departure for the Blackwell Companions to the Ancient World which have all previously taken broad chronological periods as their subject, in stark contrast to this study of just one man. Caesar, of course was no ordinary man however, and this is no straightfoward historical or biographical study, instead taking a similar approach to the other companions by offering a wide spectrum of different approaches and themes in Caesar's life works and legacy. After an initial narrative survey, contributors pick out key aspects of Caesar's career, including as general, pontifex maximus, intellectual, friend, associate, husband and man, as well as each of his literary works. Over half of the book is dedicated to reception, in his own time, in the later ancient world, and beyond down to the twentieth century. There are some fascinating angles in this latter half, including Timothy Barnes on Caesar in Late Antiquity, and Luciano Canfora on Caesar for communists and fascists.

Table of Contents

1 Introduction 1
Part I Biography: Narrative 9
2 From the Iulii to Caesar 11
Ernst Badian
3 Caesar as a Politician 23
Erich S. Gruen
4 The Proconsular Years: Politics at a Distance 37
John T. Ramsey
5 The Dictator 57
Jane F. Gardner
6 The Assassination 72
Andrew Lintott
Part II Biography: Themes 83
7 General and Imperialist 85
Nathan Rosenstein
8 Caesar and Religion 100
David Wardle
9 Friends, Associates, and Wives 112
Catherine Steel
10 Caesar the Man 126
Jeremy Paterson
11 Caesar as an Intellectual 141
Elaine Fantham
Part III Caesar’s Extant Writings 157
12 Bellum Gallicum 159
Christina S. Kraus
13 Bellum Civile 175
Kurt Raaflaub
14 The Continuators: Soldiering On 192
Ronald Cluett
Part IV Caesar’s Reputation at Rome 207
15 Caesar’s Political and Military Legacy to the Roman Emperors 209
Barbara Levick
16 Augustan and Tiberian Literature 224
Mark Toher
17 Neronian Literature: Seneca and Lucan 239
Matthew Leigh
18 The First Biographers: Plutarch and Suetonius 252
Christopher Pelling
19 The Roman Historians after Livy 267
Luke Pitcher
20 The First Emperor: The View of Late Antiquity 277
Timothy Barnes
21 The Irritating Statues and Contradictory Portraits of Julius Caesar 288
Paul Zanker
Part V Caesar’s Place in History 315
22 The Middle Ages 317
Almut Suerbaum
23 Empire, Eloquence, and Military Genius: Renaissance Italy 335
Martin McLaughlin
24 Some Renaissance Caesars 356
Carol Clark
25 Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar and the Dramatic Tradition 371
Julia Griffin
26 The Enlightenment 399
Thomas Biskup
27 Caesar and the Two Napoleons 410
Claude Nicolet
28 Republicanism, Caesarism, and Political Change 418
Nicholas Cole
29 Caesar for Communists and Fascists 431
Luciano Canfora
30 A Twenty-First-Century Caesar 441
Maria Wyke

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