Late Iron Age Calleva: The Pre-Conquest Occupation At Silchester Insula IX. Silchester Roman Town: The Insula IX Town Life Project: Volume 3 [Paperback]

Michael Fulford (Author); Amanda Clarke (Author); Emma Durham (Author); Nicholas Pankhurst (Author)

ISBN: 9780907764458 | Published by: Roman Society Publications | Series: Britannia Monographs | Volume: 32 | Year of Publication: 2018 | Language: English 480p, H297 x W210 (mm) 171

Late Iron Age Calleva


The late Iron Age oppidum of Calleva underlies the Roman town at Silchester. Excavation (1997-2014) of a large area (0.3ha) of Insula IX revealed evidence of a rectilinear, NE/SW-NW/SE-oriented layout of the interior of the oppidum, dating from 20/10BC, with the remains of the larger part of one compound separated from its neighbours by fenced trackways. Within the compound was a large, 47.5m long hall surrounded by smaller, rectangular buildings associated with groups of rubbish pits. A concluding discussion characterises the oppidum, integrating and contextualising a series of major contributions reporting the pre-conquest finds and environmental evidence with the structural story.

Table of Contents

CONTENTS List of Figures List of Tables Acknowledgements Preface SECTION 1 – THE SITE Chapter 1. Introduction (Michael Fulford) Chapter 2. The excavation (Michael Fulford, Amanda Clarke and Nicholas Pankhurst) SECTION 2 – THE FINDS Chapter 3. Introduction and the prehistoric finds (Michael Fulford, Richard Bradley, Emma Durham) Chapter 4. The Iron Age coins (Colin Haselgrove) Chapter 5. The brooches (Nina Crummy) Chapter 6. The small finds (Nina Crummy) Chapter 7. The glass (Hilary Cool) Chapter 8. The pottery (Jane Timby, Joanna Bird) Chapter 9. The pre-conquest arretine wares (Joanna Bird) Chapter 10. Organic residue analysis of ceramic vessels (A.C. Colonese, A. Lucquin and O.E. Craig) Chapter 11. The querns (Emma Durham) Chapter 12. Other ceramics (Jane Timby) Chapter 13. The metalworking (John Allen) Chapter 14. The coin moulds (John Allen) SECTION 3 – ENVIRONMENTAL EVIDENCE Chapter 15. The animal bone (Claire Ingrem, Kate Clark) Chapter 16. The insects (Mark Robinson) Chapter 17. The charred and waterlogged plant remains (Lisa Lodwick) Chapter 18. Charcoal and waterlogged wood (Catherine Barnett) Chapter 19. The pollen (Alex Brown) Chapter 20. The phytoliths (Sarah Elliott) Chapter 21. Radiocarbon dating (Catherine Barnett) Chapter 22. The geochemistry (Samantha Cook) Chapter 23. The micromorphology (Rowena Banerjea) SECTION 4 – DISCUSSION Chapter 24. (Michael Fulford) Appendix 1. The small finds (Nina Crummy) Appendix 2. The pottery (Jane Timby) Appendix 3. The Arretine stamps (Joanna Bird) Appendix 4. The querns (Emma Durham) Appendix 5. The animal bone (Claire Ingrem) Appendix 6. The plant remains (Lisa Lodwick) Appendix 7. The wood and charcoal (Catherine Barnett) Appendix 8. The geochemistry (Samantha Cook) Bibliography Index

Reviews & Quotes

"It will be essential reading for anyone interested in the late Iron Age to Roman transition in Britain and in the western provinces more generally"
Matthew Hobson
Archaeological Journal (09/12/2022)

"Overall, this volume provides an important step forward in better understanding the oppidum at Calleva, oppida settlements across Britain and on the Continent and social relations in the Late Iron Age in general."
Nicky Garland
Proceedings of the Prehistoric Society (03/05/2019)

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