Roman Crete: New Perspectives [Hardback]

Jane E. Francis (Editor); Anna Kouremenos (Editor)

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Roman Crete: New Perspectives


The last several decades have seen a dramatic increase in interest in the Roman period on the island of Crete. Ongoing and some long-standing excavations and investigations of Roman sites and buildings, intensive archaeological survey of Roman areas, and intensive research on artefacts, history, and inscriptions of the island now provide abundant data for assessing Crete alongside other Roman provinces. New research has also meant a re-evaluation of old data in light of new discoveries, and the history and archaeology of Crete is now being rewritten.
The breadth of topics addressed by the papers in this volume is an indication of Crete’s vast archaeological potential for contributing to current academic issues such as Romanisation/acculturation, climate and landscape studies, regional production and distribution, iconographic trends, domestic housing, economy and trade, and the transition to the late-Antique era. These papers confirm Crete’s place as a fully realised participant in the Roman world over the course of many centuries but also position it as a newly discovered source of academic inquiry.

Table of Contents

List of Plates
1. Forward.
 L. H. Sackett
2. Introduction.
 J. E. Francis
3. From Cyrene to Gortyn. Notes on the Relationship between Crete and Cyrenaica
 under Roman Domination (1st century BC to 4th century AD).
 F. Chevrollier
4. Putting Knossos in her Place: Italian Sigillata Stamps and Cultural Identity across Crete.
 M. W. Baldwin Bowsky
5. The Double-Axe (λάβρυς) in Roman Crete and Beyond: The Iconography
 of a Multi-faceted Symbol.
 A. Kouremenos
6. The Roman Climate: Was it Really Different?
 J. Moody
7. Apiculture in Roman Crete.
 J. E. Francis
8. Roman Imperial Sculpture from Crete: A Reappraisal.
 P. Karanastasi
9. An Attic Marble Table Support (τραπεζοφόρον) in Relief from Roman
 Kissamos: Preliminary Remarks.
 M. Milidakis and C. Papadaki
10. New Excavations at the Ancient Theater of Aptera.
 V. Niniou-Kindeli and N. Chatzidakis
11. Roman Gortyn: From Augustus to the 4th century AD.
 E. Lippolis
12. Crete’s Economic Transformation in the Late-Roman Empire.
 S. Gallimore
13. Theatres, Plays, and the ‘Third Century Crisis.’
 G. W. M. Harrison
14. Pottery of the 4th–early 9th centuries AD on Crete: The Current State
 of Research and New Directions.
 A. G. Yangaki
15. Afterword.
 A. Kouremenos

Reviews & Quotes

"“Taken as a whole, the papers in this volume give an excellent overview of the research which is now being carried out on Roman Crete.” "
Richard Tomlinson
Ancient West & East (11/01/2019)

"It is clear from this volume and other works that Roman Crete is beginning to receive more attention, including by scholars working outside of Greece. The editors of the volume should be commended for bringing together such a rich discussion about Roman Crete."
Dylan Kelby Rogers
Bryn Mawr Classical Review

"This publication is highly recommended for academic libraries, scholars and students interested in Roman archaeology and Greece and Crete during the Roman Empire. The editors, authors and publishers are to be warmly congratulated on presentation and content."
Michael Curtis
Journal of Hellenic Studies (30/05/2018)

"For scholars already familiar with Roman Crete, this volume offers a welcome snapshot of contemporary scholarship… for those coming to the island for the first time, it provides a helpful grounding in the archaeological approaches to Crete's Roman past, and it should appeal to students and professionals alike."
Dan Stewart
Antiquaries Journal (10/12/2018)

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