The Panathenaic Games: Proceedings of an International Conference held at the University of Athens, May 11-12, 2004 [Paperback]

Olga Palagia (Author); Alkestis Spetsieri-Choremi (Author)

ISBN: 9781782979821 | Published by: Oxbow Books | Year of Publication: 2015 | Language: English 176p, H297 x W210 (mm) 8p col pls

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The Panathenaic Games


The papers in this volume were presented at an international conference organised in Athens (May 11-14, 2004) and focus on the study of the Panathenaic Games, a Panhellenic athletic event that lasted for nearly a millennium. An international assembly of archaeologists, art historians, ancient historians, epigraphists and classical scholars contributed to the discussion of the origins and the historical development of the Panathenaic Games in general and of individual contests in particular. The role of royal and other patrons in the Hellenistic and Roman periods, as well as the form and meaning of victory dedications and other monuments generated by the games were also examined, making this a truly interdisciplinary study into this fascinating event. Two papers are in Greek.

Table of Contents

Foreword (Olga Palagia and Alkestis Spetsieri-Choremi)
Panathenaic amphoras (Michalis Tiverios)
Panathenaic prizes and dedications (Petros Themelis)
Gods and athletic games (Jon D Mikalson)
Replicating tradition: the first celebrations of the greater Panathenaia (Jenifer Neils)
Games at the lesser Panathenaia? (Stephen V Tracy)
The iconography of the Athenian apobates race: origins, meanings, transformation (Peter Schultz)
Torch race and vase-painting (Martin Bentz)
A unique new depiction of a Panathenaic victor (John H Oakley)
Panathenaic prize amphorae from the Kerameikos: some new aspects and results (Norbert Eschbach)
"Not that the vases are easy to interpret..." Some thoughts on Panathenaic prize amphorae (Bettina Kratzmüller)
Leukoi panathenaikoi amphoreis kai mousikoi agones (in Greek) (PDespina Tsouklidou)
"Choregic" or victory monuments of the tribal Panathenaic contests (Hans Rupprecht Goette)
Dramatikoi agones kai architektonike ste notia kitu tes Akropoleus (in Greek) (Panos Valavanis)
Royal Athenians: the Ptolemies and Attalids at the Panathenaia (Julia L Shear)
The Panathenaic stadium from the Hellenistic to the Roman period: Panathenaic prize-amphorae and the Biel throne (Dyfri Williams)
Athens and Herculaneum: The case of the Panathenaic Athenas (Carol C Mattusch)

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