Trinacria, 'An Island Outside Time': International Archaeology in Sicily [Hardback]

Christopher Prescott (Editor); Arja Karivieri (Editor); Peter Campbell (Editor); Kristian Göransson (Editor); Sebastiano Tusa (Editor)

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ISBN: 9781789255911 | Published by: Oxbow Books | Publication: March 2021 | Language: English 240p, H280 x W216 (mm) B/w
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Trinacria, 'An Island Outside Time'


Trinacria, the ancient name for Sicily extending back to Homeric Greek, has understandably been the focus of decades of archaeological research. Recognising Sicily’s rich prehistory and pivotal role in the history of the Mediterranean, Sebastiano Tusa - professor, head of heritage agencies and councillor for Cultural Heritage for the Sicilian Region - promoted the exploration of the island’s heritage through international collaboration. His decades of fostering research initiatives not only produced rich archaeological results spanning the Palaeolithic to the modern era but brought scholars from a range of schools and disciplines to work together in Sicily. Through his efforts, uniquely productive methodological, theoretical and interpretative networks were created. Their impact extends far beyond Sicily and Italy.
To highlight these networks and their results, the Institutum Romanum Finlandiae, the Swedish Institute in Rome, the Norwegian Institute in Rome, the British School at Rome and the Assessorato dei Beni Culturali of Sicily, with generous support from the Swedish Riksbankens Jubileumsfond, assembled this anthology of papers. The aim is to present a selection of the work of and results from contemporary, multi-national research projects in Sicily.
The collaboration between the Sicilian and international partners, often in an interdisciplinary framework, has generated important results and perspectives. The articles in this volume present research projects from throughout the island. The core of the articles is concerned with the Archaic through to the Roman period, but diachronic studies also trace lines back to the Stone Age and up to the contemporary era. A range of methods and sources are explored, thus creating an up-to-date volume that is a referential gateway to contemporary Sicilian archaeology.

Table of Contents

Introduction Christopher Prescott, Arja Karivieri, Peter Campbell, Kristian Göransson
Mapping cross-channel connections: the Marsala Hinterland Survey Emma Blake, Rossella Giglio & Robert Schon
The Salemi Survey Project. Long-term landscape change and political consolidation 3000 BC - AD 600 Michael Kolb
Monte Polizzo – 20 years later Christian Mühlenbock
The importance of environmental settings and river navigability for the Monte Polizzo area, 600-500 BC Cecilia Sandström
The Archaeological Map of Lilybaeum Antonella Mandruzzato, Martina Seifert & Debora Oswald
The Battle of the Egadi Islands, 241 BC Peter Campbell, Sebastiano Tusa, William Murray, Adriana Fresina, Cecilia Buccellato, Francesca Oliveri & Mateusz Polakowski
The Himera Project of the University of Bern – A collaboration with the Parco Archeologico di Himera Elena Mango
The Marzamemi Maritime Heritage Project: From Seabed to Museum and Beyond Justin Leidwanger, Elizabeth S. Greene, Leopoldo Repola, & Fabrizio Sgroi
The Halaesa archaeological project: The sanctuary of Apollo Jonathan Prag & Lorenzo Campagna
The French Archaeological Mission in Halaesa Michela Costanzi
The gymnasion of Ietas Discovered? New Excavations in the Eastern Quarter on Monte Iato Martin Mohr
Between the Late Archaic House and the ‘Aphrodite temple’«. After ten years of Innsbruck archaeological investigations at Monte Iato Birgit Öhlinger and Erich Kistler
The Morgantina Baths in their Urban Context Sandra K. Lucore
Reconsidering the Hellenistic Household: reflections from the CAP excavation at Morgantina (2014-18) Alex Walthall
Sicily in the Iron Age and the concept of the Greek Chora Johannes Bergemann
Francavilla di Sicilia. A Greek settlement in the hinterland of Naxos Kristian Göransson
Multidisciplinary studies on the ancient town of Akrai/Acrae, Sicily. Ten years of Italian-Polish collaboration Roksana Chowaniec
Gerace Roger Wilson
Food and Agriculture under Changing Regime. Sicily between 6th to 13th c. A.D. Martin Carver, Girolamo Fiorentino & Alessandra Molinari
I.Sicily: an open access digital corpus of Sicilian epigraphy Jonathan Prag

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