Clifford W. Beers: Advocate for the Insane [Paperback]

Norman Dain (Author)

ISBN: 9780822984801 | Published by: University of Pittsburgh Press | Year of Publication: 1980 | Language: English 424p, H230 x W150 (mm)

Clifford W. Beers


Norman Dain offers a compelling biography of Clifford W. Beers, whose lifelong battle against his own mental illness inspired him to become a champion for mental health. Beers' autobiography, A Mind That Found Itself, created a public outcry in 1908, as it chronicled Beers' experiences during his three-year confinement in an asylum. Despite his disability, Beers went on to found the National Committee for Mental Hygiene (now the National Association for Mental Health), the American Foundation for Mental Hygiene, and the International Committee for Mental Hygiene.

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