Colloquia Pontica 3: Landscapes in Flux: Central and Eastern Europe in Antiquity [Paperback]

John Chapman (Author); Pavel Dolukhanov (Author)

ISBN: 9781900188333 | Published by: Oxbow Books | Year of Publication: 1997 | Language: English 356p, numerous illustrations

Colloquia Pontica 3


Landscape archaeology, a recent theoretical discovery in the west, has long been practised by eastern european scholars. This stimulating collection of papers ranges over the whole of central and eastern Europe and from the Neolithic to the early Medieval periods.

Table of Contents

General Introduction (Gocha R. Tsetskhladze)
Introduction to the issue (J. Chapman and P. Dolukhanov)
Landscape in flux and colonisation of time (J. Chapman)
Theorising landscapes: the concept of the historical interactive landscape (M. Zvelebil and J. Benes)
Impermanence and flux in the landscape of early agricultural south eastern Europe (D.W. Bailey)
Sacred space in the cultural landscape of Slavic peoples in the pre-Christian period (L.P. Slupecki)
Landscape changes in the Neolithic and Copper Ages in Slovenia. Case Study: the Ljubljansko Barje region (M. Budja)
Landscape and subsistence in the Hallstatt Stockades of Biskupin type (A.F. Harding)
The landscape of the north Pontic city-states - a case study from Olbia (S.D. Kryzhitskii)
Oscillations of the Black Sea and ancient landscapes (K.K. Shilik)
The ancient landscape of Berezan Island (V.V. Nazarov)
Places as timemarks - the social construction of Prehistoric landscapes in Eastern Hungary (J. Chapman)
Spatial organisation in the Tisza Flood Plain: Dynamic landscapes and GIS ( Mark Gillings)
Surviving in the Tisza valley - plants' and people's perspectives on the environment (Robert S. Shiel)
The impact of early agriculture upon the Hungarian landscape (K.J. Willis)
Copper Age settlement and the Danube water system: a case study from North-Western Hungary (Andras Figler, Laszlo Bartosiewicz, Gyorgy Fuleky and Ede Hertelendi)
Environmental changes in Budaujlak (Pannonia Province, Hungary) in the Roman period (G. Fuleky and E. Marity)
Environment and Late Palaeolithic human settlement in Eastern Europe (Yu.N. Gribchenko and E.I. Kurenkova)
Landscape dynamics and Mesolithic settlement in the North Pontic Steppe (V. Stanko)
Early farming in the Ukraine (G.A. Pashkevich)
Human impact on the Holocene vegetation of the South Russian Plain (C.V. Kremenetski)
Landscape at the Mesolithic-Neolithic transition inteh Boreal East European Plain (P.M. Dolukhanov)
Book reviews

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