Common Ground: Archaeology, Art, Science and Humanities: The Proceedings of the 16th International Congress of Classical Archaeology [Hardback]

Carol C. Mattusch (Author); A. A. Donohue (Author)

ISBN: 9781842171837 | Published by: Oxbow Books | Year of Publication: 2006 | Language: English 640p, H280 x W216 (mm) b/w line drawings and photographs

Common Ground


This volume contains over 150 papers presented at the Classical Congress held in Boston, Massachussetts in August 2003.

Table of Contents

Keynote Address
Art, Science and Unifying Vision in Classical Archaeology (George L. Huxley)

History of Archaeology
L'antiquite revisitee: explorations archeologiques et architecturales francaises en Afrique du nord (1840-1940) (Nabila Oulebsir)
Pioneering American Women in Classical Archaeology (Susan Heuck Allen)
'Doc' Edgerton and Maritime Archaeology: Collaborative Approaches in Science and Technology (Claire Calcagno)
King Midas: Archaeology and History (Maya Vassileva)

Recycling in Antiquity
What the Blind Man Saw: New Information from the Iron Age at Troy (Maureen Basedow)
Ancient Greek Archaeology? (Carolyn Higbie)
Mutilation on the Arch of Constantine (R. Ross Holloway)
Recycling Practices of Votive Offerings in Ancient Greek Sanctuaries: The Archaeological Evidence (Astrid Lindenlauf)
Refurbishing the Farms: The Reuse of the Rural Landscape in Late Roman Greece (David K. Pettegrew)
Deliberate Damage to Votives in Olympia in Archaic and Classical Times (Heide Frielinghaus)
'Schrott-oder: Rest in Pieces': Die Kleinfunde von Munigua (Antje Krug)

Magic and Religious Practices
Blood on the Altars: On the Treatment of Animal Blood at Greek Sacrifices and the Iconographical Evidence (Gunnel Ekroth)
Fertility and Warfare: Europa, Hellotis and Athena at Gortyna (J. Rasmus Brandt)
Demetra in Sicilia e Magna Grecia in eta arcaica e classica (Antonella Pautasso)
On Women, Festivals and Piglets in Ancient Tegea, Peloponnese (Alexander Nagel)
The Priests of the Mother: Gender and Place (Lynn E. Roller)
Samothracia Ferrea: Texts, Myths and Material Culture (Sandra Blakely)
Iconografia e formule magiche tra papiri e gemme (Ennio Sanzi and Carla Sfameni)
A New Discovery of the Meaning of Proportion 1:0.382 (Takashi Seki)
Roman Religion in the Middle and Late Republic: A Social-Political View (Martin Soderlind)

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