Development-led Archaeology in North-West Europe [Paperback]

Richard Bradley (Editor); Colin Haselgrove (Editor); Marc Vander Linden (Editor); Leo Webley (Editor)

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Development-led Archaeology in North-West Europe


Many countries in northern Europe have seen a huge expansion in development-led archaeology over the past few decades. Legislation, frameworks for heritage management and codes of practice have developed along similar but different lines. The Valetta Convention has had considerable impact on spatial planning and new legislation on archaeological heritage management within EC countries as well as on the funding, nature and distribution of archaeological fieldwork. For the first time these 12 papers bring together data on developer-led archaeology in Britain, Ireland, France, the Low Countries, Germany and Denmark in order to review and evaluate key common issues relating to organisation, practice, legal frameworks and quality management.

Table of Contents

1. Introduction: development-led archaeology in northwest Europe. Frameworks, practices and outcomes (Marc Vander Linden and Leo Webley)
2. Serving two masters: Dutch archaeology since the Valletta Convention (Jos Bazelmans)
3. Development-led archaeology in Flanders: legal framework (Werner Wouters)
4. Development-led archaeology in Flanders: an overview of practices and results in the period 1990–2010 (Wim De Clercq, Machteld Bats, Jean Bourgeois, Philippe Crombé, Guy De Mulder, Jeroen De Reu, Davy Herremans, Pieter Laloo, Lien Lombaert, Gertjan Plets, Joris Sergant and Birger Stichelbaut)
5. L'archéologie préventive en France: le cadre réglementaire et son application (Archéologie préventive in France: legal framework and implementation) (Jean-Luc Collart)
6. Development-led archaeology in Germany: legal framework. The example of North Rhine-Westphalia (Thomas Otten)
7. Archaeology and infrastructure projects in Germany. The challenges faced in the application of international conventions to archaeology in a federal country: a case study (Susanne Heun)
8. Development-led archaeology in Denmark (Martin Mikkelsen)
9. Frameworks for development-led archaeology in England (Jonathan Last)
10. Development-led archaeology in the United Kingdom: a view from AD 2010 (Andrew Fitzpatrick)
11. Frameworks for development-led archaeology in Ireland (Margaret Gowen)
Postscript: recorded time (Richard Bradley)

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