Dies Illa. Death in the Middle Ages: Proceedings of the 1983 Manchester Colloquium [Hardback]

Jane H. M. Taylor (Author)

ISBN: 9780905205182 | Published by: Francis Cairns (Publications) Ltd | Year of Publication: 1984 | Language: English 223p, 223 pages.

Dies Illa. Death in the Middle Ages


The study of medieval attitudes towards death, from sociological, historical, literary artistic and theological viewpoints, has long been a major scholarly preoccupation in France. The first British conference devoted to this field was the Eugène Vinaver Colloquium held in Manchester in March 1983; this volume contains its revised proceedings. Covering a broad range of disciplines (history, literature, theatre, theology among others) and a diversity of late medieval European cultures; it offers a challenging conspectus of scholarly thinking about attitudes towards death from St Bernard and Dante to the Renaissance.

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