Dyes in History and Archaeology 20 [Paperback]

Jo Kirby (Author)

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ISBN: 9781873132296 | Published by: Archetype | Year of Publication: 2005 | Language: English 200p, 18 col pls, b/w illus

Dyes in History and Archaeology 20


In 2001 the 20th Meeting of Dyes in History and Archaeology was held in Amsterdam, demonstrating the great leaps forward that this field of study has taken over the last thirty years. The majority of the 22 articles found in this journal were presented at the meeting. Supported by photographs and with the support of numerous diagrams and tables, the technical and specialised papers focus on new methods for analysing and processing ancient and historical dyes. The contributors demonstrate the range of dyes in use in antiquity, the Middle Ages and in more recent centuries, the different techniques practised in the extraction and application of dyes, and, to a far less degree, the social and religious significance of particular dyes or colours. Case studies include ancient Near Eastern and Mediterranean dyes, Tyrian purple, 8th-century Japanese dyeing, Japanese indigo, Malachite green, Chinese green, and Polish workshops. The vast majority of these papers are technical and scientific, containing meticulous reports on new analytical experiments, techniques and instruments.

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