Beyond the Cyclades: Early Cycladic Sculpture in Context from Mainland Greece, the North and East Aegean [Hardback]

Marisa Marthari (Editor); Colin Renfrew (Editor); Michael J. Boyd (Editor)

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ISBN: 9781789250602 | Published by: Oxbow Books | Year of Publication: 2019 | Language: English 328p, H280 x W216 (mm) b/w

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Beyond the Cyclades


This second volume on Early Cycladic (and Cycladicising) sculptures found in the Aegean, examines finds from mainland Greece, along with the rarer items from the north and east Aegean, with the exception of those discovered in the Cyclades (covered in the preceding volume), and of those found in Crete. The significance of these finds is that these are the principal testimonies of the influence of the Early Bronze Age Cycladic cultures in the wider Aegean. This influence is shown both by the export of sculptures produced in the Cyclades (and made of Cycladic marble), and of their imitations, produced elsewhere in the Aegean, usually of local marble. They hold the key, therefore, to the cultural interactions developing at this time, the so-called ‘international spirit’ manifest particularly during the Aegean Early Bronze II period.This was the time when the foundations of early Aegean civilisation were being laid, and the material documented is thus of considerable significance. The volume is divided into sections wherein contributions examine finds and their archaeological, social, and economic contexts from specific regions. It concludes with an overview of the significance and role of these objects in Early Bronze Age societies of the Aegean and eastern Mediterranean region. This will be the first time that this material has been systematically gathered together. Highly illustrated, it follows and builds on the successful preceding volume, Early Cycladic Sculpture in Context (Oxbow 2016).

Table of Contents

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1 Introduction
Colin Renfrew
Before the Bronze Age
2 Past in the past: examples of Neolithic figurines from mainland Greece and Early Cycladic anthropomorphic imagery
Fanis Mavridis
3 An Early Cycladic figurine from the Acropolis of Athens
Lena Papazoglou-Manioudaki
Appendix: optical examination of a Cycladic-type marble figurine from the Acropolis and vessels from Makronisos in the National Archaeological Museum, Athens
Dimitris Tambakopoulos & Yannis Maniatis
4 Aghios Kosmas revisited: the Cycladic figurines from the Early Helladic site at Aghios Kosmas in Attica
Katerina Kostanti & Alexandra Christopoulou
5 Two Cycladic figurines from subterranean Chamber III, in the Early Helladic settlement at Koropi, eastern Attica
Olga Kakavogianni
6 Cycladic figurines from Tsepi, Marathon
Maria Pantelidou Gofa
7 Fragment of an Early Cycladic folded-arm figurine from the acropolis of Brauron
Konstantinos Kalogeropoulos
8 An Early Helladic figurine from Loutsa, Attica
Maria Stathi
9 A schematic figurine from the area of Kephissos in Aegaleo, Αthens
Eleni Asimakou
10 A figurine from a tomb at Mandra in western Attica
Kalliopi Papangeli
11 A fragmentary Cycladic figurine from Nea Kephisia, Attica
Theodora Georgousopoulou
12 Cycladic-type figurines from the Early Helladic cemetery of Asteria at Glyfada, Attica
Konstantina Kaza-Papageorgiou
Appendix: the bioarchaeological context of the Asteria figurines
Eleanna Prevedorou
13 Early Cycladic sculpture from Delpriza in the southern Argolid
Angeliki Kossyva
14 Cycladic figurine from the sanctuary of Apollo Maleatas in Epidauria
Vassilis Lambrinoudakis
15 A Cycladic figurine from Upper Epidaurus
Christos Piteros
16 An Early Cycladic figurine from a Late Protogeometric burial context in Argos
Evangelia Pappi
North Aegean, Boeotia, Euboea, Phthiotis and Skyros
17 Early Bronze Age schematic figurines from Thermi on Lesbos
Olga Philaniotou
18 A comment on a Cycladic figurine in the Archaeological Museum of Thebes
Eleni Andrikou
19 Cycladic figurines from Euboea
Efi Sapouna-Sakellaraki
20 Manika revisited: a recontextualisation of Euboean Cycladica in the light of new research
Adamantios Sampson & Athena Hadji
21 Cycladic marble figurines from the Early Bronze Age cemetery at Nea Styra, Euboea
Maria Kosma
22 Cycladica from the settlement at Palamari on Skyros
Liana Parlama
23 Conspicuous consumption in the settlement context of Early Bronze Age Proskynas in
East Lokris, central Greece
Eleni Zahou
Dodecanese and Asia Minor littoral
24 Early Cycladic figurines from Vathy, Astypalaia
Andreas Vlachopoulos & Anastasia Angelopoulou
25 Early Cycladic II and Early Bronze II finds from the Dodecanese: the case of the island of Kos
Toula Marketou
26 Αn Early Cycladic anthropomorphic figurine from the Archaeological Museum of Rhodes
Athena Hadji
27 Local and imported in action: western Anatolian and Cycladic figurines at Early Bronze Age Miletus
Ourania Kouka
28 3rd-millennium BC anthropomorphic figurines of western Anatolia, a comparative view.
Towards a better understanding of the origins and meanings of Cycladic figurines
Rıza Tuncel & Vasıf Şahoğlu
New discoveries in the Cyclades
29 Sculptures from the Papaoikonomou property on Ano Kouphonisi
Irini Legaki, Colin Renfrew, Michael Boyd & Eugenia Orfanidou
Early Cycladic Sculpture in Perspective
30 Early Cycladic sculpture beyond the Cyclades: the Aegean context
Colin Renfrew, Michael Boyd & Marisa Marthari

Reviews & Quotes

"All papers are well illustrated, and the commendable practice of showing all figurine illustrations at a common scale of 1:2 is continued from the previous volumes […] Ultimately, the material presented in this volume adds interestingly to the corpus of soundly documented items [...]"
Oliver Dickinson
Journal of Greek Archaeology (29/12/2020)

"Altogether the three conference volumes on early Cycladic sculpture 'in context' are of inestimable value […] For anyone interested in early Cycladic or Cycladic idol sculpture, the book is therefore indispensable."
Bernhard F. Steinmann
Gnomon (01/02/2022)

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