English Episcopal Acta 19: Salisbury 1217-1228 [Hardback]

B. R. Kemp (Author)

ISBN: 9780197261996 | Published by: British Academy | Year of Publication: 2000 | Language: English 490p,

English Episcopal Acta 19


This 19th volume in the publication of English Episcopal Acta is the second Salisbury volume and continues the Acta of Richard Poore. The documents include ordinances, grants, charters and mandates detailing disputes, land settlements, bequests and other legal arrangements with a number of religious and secular foundations. These include Westmnister Abbey, Abingdon Abbey, Glastonbury Abbey, Marlborough Hospital and Osney Abbey amongst many others. Appendices include itineraries of the bishops of Salisbury from 1978-1228 and the volume contains a full index of people and places and a comprehensive list of primary and secondary sources. Latin text with English commentary.

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