Excavations in the Town Centre of Trowbridge [Paperback]

Alan H. Graham (Author)

ISBN: 9781874350026 | Published by: Trust for Wessex Archaeology | Volume: 2 | Year of Publication: 1993 | Language: English 161p, with 42 figs, 24 tables, 48 plates and microfiche.

Excavations in the Town Centre of Trowbridge


Excavations in advance of a major development produced evidence for Bronze Age, Iron Age and Romano-British fields and boundaries. A late eleventh century stone church surrounded by a bounded cemetery containing at least 160 inhumations was found. The area seems to have been incorporated into a manorial enclosure system with timber buildings, which was destroyed c.1139 by the construction of an Anarchy Period castle. The church was subsequently adapted for secular use before being demolished in the sixteenth century. No other castle buildings were identified.

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