Fengate Revisited [Paperback]

Christopher Evans (Author); Emma Beadsmoore (Author); Matt Brudenell (Author); Gavin Lucas (Author)

ISBN: 9780954482480 | Published by: Cambridge Archaeological Unit | Volume: 1 | Year of Publication: 2009 | Language: English 260p,

Fengate Revisited


At its core, this volume reports upon three large-scale excavations at Fengate, Peterborough. These cast new light on Briton's premier Bronze Age fieldsystem and their results lead to significant reappraisal of facets of Pryor's earlier interpretations and, also, approaches to the period's land-use generally. Reflecting upon such crucial issues as the character of settlement, landholding/territory and power, their discussion is furthered by the book's summary presentation of other recent prehistoric fieldsystems projects within the East Anglian Fenlands. Indeed, greater contextual overview is provided by an in-depth interview contribution by the 'Fieldsystem Triumvirate' of the '70/80s: Richard Bradley, Andrew Fleming and Francis Pryor himself.

In keeping with its series' groundbreaking directive of 'Historiography and Fieldwork', having access to Wyman Abbott's archival sources (augmented by his correspondence with E.T. Leeds), for the first time, his early 20th century investigations can now be fully incorporated with subsequent excavations. This historiographic perspective allows, moreover, for unique insights into Edwardian archaeological practices, particularly the impact of type-based methodologies - pots, pits and peoples - and even the lingering influence today of prehistoric 'type cultures' concepts.

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"This engaging book'"
British Archaeology
British Archaeology

"... essential for all landscape researchers... contains a thought-provoking discussion of the scale of the challenges confronting landscape archaeologists as well as one of the most beguiling sections to appear in any narrative.'"

"...Fengate Revisited is an exemplary book. It is an initiative that should not only be applauded, but also imitated. The book is a must for archaeologists interested in late prehistory and for archaeological resource managers working at heritage agencies.'"
European Journal of Archaeology
European Journal of Archaeology

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