EAA 50: Flatlands and Wetlands: Current Themes in East Anglian Archaeology ^D [Paperback]

Julie Gardiner (Author)

ISBN: 9780952184805 | Published by: East Anglian Archaeology | Series: East Anglian Archaeology Monograph | Volume: 50 | Year of Publication: 1993 | Language: English p, 81figs, 2pls

EAA 50: Flatlands and Wetlands


^Aedited by Julie Gardiner
^DTen of the eleven papers in this volume were first presented at the conference which gives its name to the volume, held at the University of East Anglia in 1989. The conference was convened primarily to celebrate over 20 years of research by the professional archaeological units of the East Anglian region. The themes reviewed here centre on relationships, and around the key words, landscape, regionality, territory, hinterland, boundaries, urbanism and colonisation. Contributors include Richard Bradley, Catherine Hills, Bob Silvester, Howard Brooks, Peter Hayes and Tom Lane, L.P. Louwe-Kooijmans, Brian Ayers, Malcolm Atkin, Keith Wade, Alan Vince, Julie Gardiner and Tom Williamson.

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