From Bann Flakes to Bushmills: Papers in Honour of Professor Peter Woodman [Hardback]

Nyree Finlay (Author); Sinead McCartan (Author); Nicky Milner (Author); Caroline Wickham-Jones (Author)

ISBN: 9781842173558 | Published by: Oxbow Books | Volume: 1 | Year of Publication: 2009 | Language: English 224p,

From Bann Flakes to Bushmills


This volume of papers is dedicated to Peter Woodman in celebration of his contribution to archaeology, providing a glimpse of the many ways in which he has touched the lives of so many. The twenty-one contributions cover many aspects of predominantly Mesolithic archaeology in Ireland, mainland Britain and North-west Europe, reflecting the range and breadth of Peters own interests and the international esteem in which his work is held. His particular interest in antiquarians and the material they collected began early in his career and Part 1 presents papers which deal with artefacts and finds by antiquarians. Part 2 is concerned with papers on fieldwork projects, both new sites and sites which have been re-investigated, predominantly focusing on the Mesolithic period. Part 3 presents papers on the theme of people and animals, particularly the topic of the Mesolithic-Neolithic transition from different angles.

Table of Contents

Editors’ Foreword
List of Peter Woodman’s Publications

1. Tinkering with Torcs: an unusual Bronze Age hoard from Kilsallagh, Co. Longford (Mary Cahill)
2. Craft Specialisation in the Mesolithic of Northern Britain: the evidence from the coarse stone tools ( Ann Clarke)
3. Futile Fragments? – some thoughts on microlith breakage patterns ( Nyree Finlay)
4. Prehistoric Chain Reactions – stories that help us understand the distant past (Thomas Kador)
5. The South Munster Antiquarian Society, Revisited (Joan E. Rockley)
6. Speculating on the Significance of an Axehead and a Bead from Luce Sands, Dumfries & Galloway, South-West Scotland (Alan Saville)

7. Prehistoric Reindeer Trapping by Stone-walled Pitfalls: news and views (Sveinung Band-Andersen)
8. A Mesolithic Site at Kilmore, near Oban, Western Scotland ( Clive Bonsall, Robert Payton, Mark G. Macklin and Graham A Ritchie)
9. Star Carr in the New Millennium (Chantal Conneller, Nicky Milner, Tim Schadla-Hall and Barry Talor)
10. Middle and Late Bronze Age Ritual Activity at Glencurran Cave, Co. Clare (Marion A. Dowd)
11. Constructing Later Mesolithic Landscapes ( Killian Driscoll)
12. Palynology ‘On the Edge’ and the Archaeological Vindication of a Mesolithic Presence? The case of Shetland (Kevin J. Edwards, J. Edward Schofield, Graeme Whittington and Nigel D. Melton )
13. Zvejnieki – Past, Present and Future. A Mesolithic–Neolithic settlement and cemetery site in northern Latvia (Lars Larsson)
14. The Island and the Hill. Extracting scales of sociability from a Mesolithic chert quarry (Aimee Little)
15. Belderrig: a ‘New’ Later Mesolithic and Neolithic Landscape in Northwest Ireland (Graeme Warren)
16. Footsteps in the North – archaeological understanding and the settling of northern Scotland and the islands (Caroline Wickham-Jones)

17. Late Mesolithic or Early Neolithic Burials? Examining the ‘Tauber line’ ( Erik Brinch Petersen and Christopher Meiklejohn)
18. The ‘Complex Hunter-gatherer’ and the Transition to Farming (Bill Finlayson)
19. O Analysis of Littorina littorea Shells from Ferriter’s Cove, Dingle Peninsula: preliminary results and interpretations (Michael J. Kimball, William Showers, Sinead Mccartan and Bernard J. Genna)
20. Early Domestic Cattle in Southern Scandinavia and the Spread of the Neolithic in Europe (T. Douglas Price and Nanna Noe-Nygaard)
21. Ireland’s Mammals: an annotated list (Paddy Sleeman and Derek Yalden)


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