Reading our ebooks on a Kobo, Nook, Sony Reader and other devices that support Adobe DRM books

Step 1: Create an Adobe ID

Click here to get an Adobe ID and select the link below the yellow button - Don't have an Adobe ID?
Then enter your name, email address, location and click the yellow button - Create

Step 2: Install Adobe Digital Editions on your computer (this is free to download)

Click on the image below to get Adobe Digital Editions and follow the instructions on screen.

Get Adobe Digital Editions

You will be asked to enter your Adobe ID (this is the ID you created in Step 1.)

Step 3: Authorize your eReader device with Adobe Digital Editions

Before you can read the book you have purchased, you will need to authorise your computer and ereader device to your Adobe ID.

3 a) Authorize your computer with Adobe Digital Editions

  1. Open Adobe Digital Editions.
  2. Select ‘HELP' then ‘Authorize Computer’.
  3. Insert your Adobe ID (created in Step 1.)

3 b) Authorize your eReader device with Adobe Digital Editions

  1. Connect your eReader device to your computer.
  2. Open Adobe Digital Editions.
  3. Adobe Digital Editions should automatically detect the presence of your device and prompt you to authorize it with your Adobe ID (created in Step 1).

For further assistance, visit Adobe Digital Editions Help.

Blue Fire appRecommended app for Android and Apple iOS Devices
is the "Blue Fire Reader app"


Apple and Android
Bluefire Reader for Apple iOS and Android organizes eBooks from public libraries, independent bookstores and national retailers into a single reading environment on mobile devices.

Download BFR for Apple iOS

Download BFR for Android

To download eBooks into the Blue Fire app there are 3 options - 1. via Drop Box 2. via the email link 3. side load the file onto the device via a desktop computer.

Step 4: Download your ebook

  1. Return to the David Brown Book Co website and login to your account (in the top right hand corner).  Alternatively, you can click the "Download" link in your order confirmation email.
  2. Under "My Account", select "My Downloadable Products", find the book you want to read and click on the title to download this ebook.
  3. The ebook file will download as an .ascm file.
  4. The file can now be opened with Adobe Digital Editions or with your specific eReader device software e.g. Sony Reader for Mac, Kobo Desktop etc.

Step 5: Reading your ebook on your eReader device

Reading your book on a Kobo

Download your ebook through Adobe Digital Editions (Steps 1-4), and then transfer the book file to your Kobo device. Further info available on Kobo Support.

Reading your book on a Sony Reader

Download the Sony Reader app to your computer. Connect your Sony Reader to your computer using the USB connection lead and wait for the Data transfer mode to appear on your Sony Reader.
Download your ebook (step 4).
Your ebook can now be opened in the Sony Reader App.
Select Data transfer mode on your Sony Reader and your ebook will sync with the Sony Reader App. 
Further info available on Sony eReader Support.

Reading your book on a PC or Mac Computer

Download your ebook through Adobe Digital Editions (Steps 1-4) and start reading.