Image, Memory and Monumentality: Archaeological Engagements with the Material World [Hardback]

Andrew Meirion Jones (Editor); Joshua Pollard (Editor); Julie Gardiner (Editor); Michael J. Allen (Editor)

ISBN: 9781842174951 | Published by: Oxbow Books | Series: Prehistoric Society Research Papers | Volume: 5 | Year of Publication: 2012 | Language: English 366p, 60 illustrations

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Image, Memory and Monumentality


Leading scholars in these 29 commissioned papers in honour of Richard Bradley discuss key themes in prehistoric archaeology that have defined his career, such as monumentality, memory, rock art, landscape, material worlds and field practice. The scope is broad, covering both Britain and Europe, and while the focus is very much on the archaeology of later prehistory, papers also address the interconnection between prehistory and historic and contemporary archaeology. The result is a rich and varied tribute to Richard's energy and intellectual inspiration.

Table of Contents

Preface: Richard Bradley (Andrew Meirion Jones and Joshua Pollard)

Richard Bradley: A Social Prehistorian
1. Richard Bradley: The Man On The Other Side Of The Wall (Bob Chapman)
2. Drinking Tea With Richard Bradley (Susan Alcock)

The Social Foundations Of Prehistoric Britain
3. Are Models Of Prestige Goods Economies And Conspicuous Consumption Applicable To The Archaeology Of The Bronze To Iron Age Transition In Britain? (John C. Barrett)
4. Stonehenge And The Beginning Of The British Neolithic (Mike Parker Pearson)
5. The Stonehenge Landscape Before Stonehenge (Colin Richards and Julian Thomas)
6. Henges, Rivers And Exchange In Neolithic Yorkshire (Jan Harding)
7. The Social Lives Of The Small Neolithic Monuments Of The Upper Thames Valley (Gill Hey)
8. Landscape Archaeology And British Prehistory; Questions Of Heuristic Value (Andrew Fleming)
9. Cursus Continuum: Further Discoveries In The Dorset Cursus Environs, Cranborne Chase, Dorset (Martin Green)

An Archaeology Of Natural Places
10. Prehistoric Woodland Ecology (Martin Bell and Gordon Noble)
11. Not Out Of The Woods Yet; Some Reflections On Neolithic Ecological Relationships With Woodland (Michael J. Allen and Julie Gardiner)

The Passage Of Arms
12. Conquest Ideology, Ritual, And Material Culture (Heinrich Härke)
13. Diversity And Distinction: Characterising The Individual Buried At Wilsford G58, Wiltshire (Ann Woodward and Stuart Needham)
14. Extended And Condensed Relations: Bringing Together Landscapes And Artefacts (Chris Gosden)
15. Missing The Point: Implications Of The Appearance And Development Of Transverse Arrowheads In Southern Britain, With Particular Reference To Petit Tranchet And Chisel Types (Rosamund M.J. Cleal)
16. Biographies And Afterlives (Mark Edmonds)
17. Contextualising Kilmartin: Building A Narrative For Developments In Western Scotland And Beyond, From The Early Neolithic To The Late Bronze Age (Alison Sheridan)

Ritual And Domestic Life
18. History-Making In Prehistory: Examples From Çatalhöyük And The Middle East (Ian Hodder)
19. Being Alive And Being Dead: House And Grave In The LBK (Alasdair Whittle)
20. Ash And Antiquity: Archaeology And Cremation In Contemporary Sweden (Howard Williams)

Image And Audience
21. In The Wake Of A Voyager: Feet, Boats And Death Rituals In The North European Bronze Age (Joakim Goldhahn)
22. The Northernmost Rock-Carvings Of The Nordic Bronze Age Tradition In Norway: Context And Landscape (Flemming Kaul)
23. Ships, Rock Shelters And Transcosmological Travel In Scandinavia And Southern Africa (J.D. Lewis-Williams)
24. Images In Their Time: New Insights Into The Galician Petroglyphs (Ramón Fábregas Valcarce and Carlos Rodríguez-Rellán)
25. Circular Images And Sinuous Paths: Engaging With The Biography Of Rock Art Research In The Atlantic Façade Of North-West Iberia (Lara Bacelar Alves)
26. Advances In The Study Of British Prehistoric Rock Art (Stan Beckensall)
27. Culturally Modified Trees– A Discussion Based On Rock-Art Images (Peter Skoglund)

Altering The Earth
28. Landscape Edges: Directions For Bronze Age Field Systems (David Yates)
29. Archaeology And The Repeatable Experiment: A Comparative Agenda (Christopher Evans)
30. Four Sites, Four Methods (Aaron Watson)

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