Iran: Journal of the British Institute of Persian Studies Volume 47 (2009) [Paperback]

Cameron A. Petrie (Author); C. E. Bosworth (Author); Vanessa Martin (Author)

Published by: British Institute of Persian Studies | Year of Publication: 2009 | Language: English 168p,



IRAN is a refereed journal which is published annually and enjoys a high international reputation. IRAN includes articles on the whole range of Persian Studies and not only on work sponsored by the Institute. There is also a section on recent archaeological excavations in Iran. It is one of the foremost journals in the field.

Table of Contents

Shir-i Shian and the Fifth-millennium Sequence of Northern Iran (Robert H. Dyson Jr and Christopher P. Thornton)
Early Writing in Iran, a Reappraisal (Jacob L. Dahl)
Karakalpak-Australian Excavations in Ancient Chorasmia, 2001-2005: Interim Report on the Fortifications of Kazakl’I-yatkan and Regional Survey (A.V.G. Betts, V.N. Yagodin, S.W. Helms, G. Khozhaniyazov, S. Amirov and M. Negus-Cleary)
The Davazdah Imam Mausoleum at Yazd: A Re-examination (Alireza Anisi)
The Bodleian Manuscript of Asadi Tusi’s Munazara Between an Arab and a Persian: its Place in the Transition from Ancient Debate to Classical Panegyric (Firuza Abdullaeva)
The Gold and Silver Lining: Shams Al-Din Muhammad b. Mu’ayyad al- ‘Urdi’s Inlaid Celestial Globe (c. AD 1288) from the Ilkhanid Observatory at Maragha (Moya Carey)
Mongol Khans and Religious Allegiance: the Problems Confronting a Minister-historian in Ilkhanid Iran (Peter Jackson)
The Road from China to Iran: a Jade Candlestick in the Art Institute of Chicago (Yuka Kadoi)
Texts from the Persian in Late Eighteenth-century India and Britain: Culture or Construct? (Beatrice Teissier)
Landlord Villages of the Tehran Plain, Iran and Historical Archaeology in Iran (Hassan Fazeli, Minoo Salimi and Ruth Young)

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