Jerusalem Throne Games: The battle of Bible stories after the death of David [Paperback]

Peter Feinman (Author)

ISBN: 9781785706165 | Published by: Oxbow Books | Year of Publication: 2017 | Language: English 352p, H240 x W170 (mm) b/w

Jerusalem Throne Games


Jerusalem Throne Games explores the political battle for power to succeed David expressed through selected stories from the beginning of the Book of Genesis. In these confrontations, combatants wielded a new weapon of war that was changing the course of human history, the alphabet prose narrative.
With this weapon, competing factions battled for throne not with the blog, the op ed, the tweet or the essay, but through storytelling. In this book six of those stories from Gen. 4-11 are analysed through the lens of the succession of Solomon and the collapse of his kingdom. These stories are identified as “son” stories or supplements to the existing alphabet narrative from the time of David. They were written by the various factions or priesthoods vying for power and are political in nature.
Each story, the Sons of Cain, the Sons of Seth, the Sons of God, the Sons of Noah, the Son of Cush (Nimrod), and the Sons of men (Tower of Babel), is reviewed through selected commentaries from ancient times to the leading ones of the 20th century. These tensions raised highlight the need to revise the Documentary Hypothesis, the traditional scholarly approach for understanding the writing of these stories.
A new Documentary Hypothesis is proposed for the writer known as J, the traditional author of these six stories. It presents the creation of supplemental and interactive writing by the Levites, Zadokites, and Aaronids who battled for power to name, dominate, and influence the person on the throne. The story of Jerusalem throne games began with the death of David and continued for centuries. The goal in this book is to understand the creation and meaning of those stories in their original political context in the time of Solomon.

Table of Contents

Introduction The Documentary Hypothesis
Part I: Interpreting the Stories
Chapter 1 The Battlefield Stories
Chapter 2 Sons of Cain
Chapter 3 Sons of Seth
Chapter 4 Sons of God
Chapter 5 Sons of Noah
Chapter 6 Nimrod, Son of Cush
Chapter 7 Tower of Babel, Sons of Men
Chapter 8 Setting the Jerusalem Stage
Part II: Writing the Stories
Chapter 9 The J Documentary Hypothesis
Chapter 10 Zadok, Jebusite J
Chapter 11 Abiathar, Shiloh J
Chapter 12 Phinehas, Mesopotamia J
Chapter 13 Ahijah, Prophet J
Conclusion: Redacting the Js

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