Julius Caesar as Artful Reporter: The War Commentaries as Political Instruments [Paperback]

Kathryn Welch (Author)

ISBN: 9781905125289 | Published by: Classical Press of Wales | Year of Publication: 1998 | Language: English 225p,

Julius Caesar as Artful Reporter


Nine contributions demonstrate that the appearance of simplicity in Julius Caesar's writings is achieved through subtle skill in the selection of style, language and content, which promotes Caesar and downplays Roman enemies. Contents: The publication of De Bello Gallico ( T. P. Wiseman ); Ratio and Romanitas in the Bellum Gallicum ( L. G. H. Hall ); The Logos of Caesar's Bellum Gallicum ( Catherine Torigian ); C. E. Stevens and the tradition on Caesar the propagandist ( Barbara Levick _; Caesar and his officers in the Gallic War commentaries ( Kathryn Welch ); Caesar and the presentation of massacre ( Anton Powell ); Noble Gauls and their other in Caesar's propaganda ( Jonathan Barlow ); Caesar's portrayal of Gauls as warriors ( Louis Rawlings ) and 'Instinctive genius': The depiction of Caesar the general ( Adrian Goldsworthy ).

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