Deer and People [Paperback]

Karis Baker (Editor); Ruth Carden (Editor); Richard Madgwick (Editor)

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ISBN: 9781909686540 | Published by: Windgather Press | Year of Publication: 2014 | Language: English 248p, H246 x W185 (mm) b/w and col. illustrations

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Deer and People


Deer have been central to human cultures throughout time and space: whether as staples to hunter-gatherers, icons of Empire, or the focus of sport. Their social and economic importance has seen some species transported across continents, transforming landscape as they went with the establishment of menageries and park. The fortunes of other species have been less auspicious, some becoming extirpated, or being in threat of extinction, due to pressures of over-hunting and/or human-instigated environmental change. In spite of their diverse, deep-rooted and long standing relations with human societies, no multi-disciplinary volume of research on cervids has until now been produced. This volume draws together research on deer from wide-ranging disciplines and in so doing substantially advances our broader understanding of human-deer relationships in the past and the present. Themes include species dispersal, exploitation patterns, symbolic significance, material culture and art, effects on the landscape and management. The temporal span of research ranges from the Pleistocene to the modern day and covers Europe, North America and Asia.

Papers derived from international conferences held at the University of Lincoln and in Paris.

Table of Contents

Deer dispersal and interactions with humans
Genetic analyses of natural and anthropogenic movements in deer
Allan D. McDevitt and Frank E. Zachos

Historic zoology of the European fallow deer, Dama dama dama: evidence from biogeography, archaeology and genetics
Marco Masseti and Cristiano Vernesi

Human-deer interactions in Sardinia
Gabriele Carenti, Elisabetta Grassi, Stefano Masala and Barbara Wilkens

Enduring Relationships: Cervids and humans from Late Pleistocene to modern times in the Yukon River basin of the western Subarctic of North America
Carol Gelvin-Reymiller

Cervid exploitation and symbolic significance in prehistoric and early historic periods
Hunting, performance and incorporation: human-deer encounter in Late Bronze Age Crete
Kerry Harris

Archaeozoology of the red deer in the southern Balkan Peninsula and the Aegean region during antiquity: confronting bones and paintings
Katerina Trantalidou and Marco Masseti

The Italian Neolithic Red Deer: Molino Casarotto
Katie Boyle

Evidence for the variable exploitation of Cervids at the Early Bronze Age site of Kaposújlak–Várdomb (South Transdanubia, Hungary)
Erika Gál

Red deer hunting and exploitation in the Early Neolithic settlement of Rottenburg-Fröbelweg, South Germany
Elisabeth Stephan

Red deer antlers in Neolithic Britain and and their use in the construction of monuments
Fay Worley and Dale Serjeantson

Antler industry in the upper Magdalenian from Le Rond du Barry, Polignac, Haute-Loire, France
Delphine Remy and Roger de Bayle des Hermes

Deer (Rangifer tarandus and Cervus elaphus) remains from the final Gravettian of the Abri Pataud and their importance to humans
Carole Vercoutère, Laurent Crépin, Dorothée G. Drucker, Laurent Chiotti, Dominique Henry-Gambier and Roland Nespoulet

Deer stones and rock art in Mongolia during the 2nd–1st millennia B.C.
Kenneth Lymer, William Fitzhugh and Richard Kortum

Zooarchaeological analyses from Roman and medieval UK
Chasing Sylvia’s Stag: Placing Deer in the Countryside of Roman Britain
Martyn Allen

Deer and Humans in South Wales during the Roman and Medieval Periods
Mark Maltby and Ellen Hambleton

Making a fast buck in the middle ages: Evidence for poaching from Medieval Wakefield
Matilda Holmes

‘Playing the stag’ in Medieval Middlesex? A perforated antler from South Mimms Castle – parallels and possibilities
John Clark

Forest law in the landscape: not the clearing of the woods, but the running of the deer?
John Langton

Parks and designed landscapes in Medieval Wales
Spencer Gavin Smith

Preliminary fieldwork and analysis of three Scottish Medieval deer parks
Derek Hall, Kevin Malloy and Richard Oram

Post-Medieval hunting in UK
English icons: The deer and the horse
Mandy de Belin

Femmes fatale: Iconography and the courtly huntress in the Middle Ages and Renaissance
Richard Almond

Deer management

Supplemental feeding and our attitude towards red deer and natural mortality
Karoline Schmidt

Estimating the relative abundance of the last Rhodian fallow deer, Dama dama dama, Greece, through spotlight counts: a pilot study
Marco Masseti, Anna M. De Marinis, Nikos Theodoridis and Konstantinia Papastergiou

Reviews & Quotes

"“There are several British studies (Worley and Serjeantson good on the Neolithic), but all of this well-produced and edited book can be read with interest.”"
British Archaeology
British Archaeology

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