A History of Spanish Golden Age Drama [Paperback]

Henry K. Ziomek (Author)

ISBN: 9780813155388 | Published by: University Press of Kentucky | Series: Studies in Romance Languages | Year of Publication: 2014 | Language: English 256p, H216 x W140 (mm)

A History of Spanish Golden Age Drama


Spain's Golden Age, the seventeenth century, left the world one great legacy, the flower of its dramatic genius - the comedia. The work of the Golden Age playwrights represents the largest combined body of dramatic literature from a single historical period, comparable in magnitude to classical tragedy and comedy, to Elizabethan drama, and to French neoclassical theater. A History of Spanish Golden Age Drama is the first up-to-date survey of the history of the comedia, with special emphasis on critical approaches developed during the past ten years. A history of the comedia necessarily focuses on the work of Lope de Vega and Calderon de la Barca, but Ziomek also gives full credit to the host of lesser dramatists who followed in the paths blazed by Lope and Calderon, and whose individual contributions to particular genres added to the richness of Spanish theater. He also examines the profound influence of the comedia on the literature of other cultures.

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