Wooden Horse [Hardback]

Keld Zeruneith (Author)

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ISBN: 9781585678181 | Published by: Gerald Duckworth & Co Ltd. | Year of Publication: 2007 | Language: English 606p,

Wooden Horse


Taking as his starting point the Illiad and Odyssey of Homer, specifically Odysseus' use of guile rather than force to prevail, Keld Zeruneith argues that the heroic age of Greece represented a major turning point in the history of human thought, opening the way for modern ideas of philosophy, poetry and society. The book performs mental acrobatics around a vast range of Greek literature, including an extensive treatment of the Pre-Socratic philosophers, and although occasionally dizzying it is certainly never dull, containing insights about Greek thought and culture on virtually every page, and ultimately building a picture of a world in transition from mother cults to patriarchy and the rule of law.

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