Chiasmi International n. 11 [Paperback]

Mauro Carbone (Author); Leonard Lawlor (Author); Pierre Rodrigo (Author)

ISBN: 9788857500263 | Published by: Mimesis International | Volume: 11 | Year of Publication: 2014 | Language: English 498p,

Chiasmi International n. 11


From Italy to Mexico, and all the way to Japan, then returning to the United States. By spanning the annus mirabilis which has witnessed the centenary of Merleau-Ponty’s birth celebrated everywhere, Chiasmi International has captured some of its most important echoes in this issue which presents as well important news in the journal’s structure. The relocation of its American seat and a change in direction accompany the contributions of Merleau-Ponty specialists who are the most representative of four different generations. Reviews and a new section of essays “around” Merleau-Ponty’s thought complete this issue with which Chiasmi International caps off its tenth anniversary.  
Texts by: Suzi Adams, Emmanuel Alloa, Alia Al-Saji, Claudia Baracchi, Josep Maria Bech, Paride Broggi, Mauro Carbone, Paola Chiesa, Françoise Dastur, Daniela De Leo, Carmine Di Martino, Lester Embree, Véronique Foti, Simone Frangi, Giovanni Invitto, Stefan Kristensen, Mariana Larison, Federico Leoni, Enrica Lisciani-Petrini, Liu Zhe, Shôichi Matsuba, Rita Messori, Pierre Rodrigo, Davide Scarso, Emmanuel de Saint Aubert, Beata Stawarska, Luca Taddio, Jacques Taminiaux, Tommaso Tuppini, Luca Vanzago, Jean-Jacques Wunenburger.

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