Chiasmi International n. 5 [Paperback]

Collective (Author)

ISBN: 9788884831699 | Published by: Mimesis International | Volume: 5 | Year of Publication: 2014 | Language: English 357p,

Chiasmi International n. 5


This volume present a rather exact idea of the abundance of current investigations into Merlau-Ponty’s work. First it shows that the concept of Flesh, by which Merlau-Ponty in his final works attempts to characterize the Real itself, remains an inexhaustible source of meditation. On the other hand, it attests to the unbelievable richness of Merlau-Ponty’s philosophy for aesthetic thought in the field of painting as well as in the literature. Yet, more recent is the reflection on the problem of the imaginary which is at the heart of Merlau-Ponty’s final philosophy insofar as the latter is still a phenomenology of perception, insofar as it supports itself with psychoanalysis, and insofar as it is devoloped by means of a continuous debate with Sartre. Finally, the ethical question, more and more, supports the interest of those of us working on Merlau-Ponty — if it is true that no strong conception of intersubjectivity can bypass ethics.  
Essays by Kartina Amin, Renaud Barbaras, Ronald Bonan, Mauro Carbone, Fabrice Colonna, Martin C. Dillon, Wayne Froman, Sara Guindani, Koji Hirose, Stefan Kristensen, Federico Leoni, Simona Pierri, Alexandra Renault, Elena Ronconi, Davide Scarso, Beata Stawarska, Márcio Suzuki, Luca Vanzago, Stephen Watson.

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