Medicine and Healing in the Ancient Mediterranean World [Hardback]

D. Michaelides (Editor)

ISBN: 9781782972358 | Published by: Oxbow Books | Year of Publication: 2014 | Language: English 446p, H279 x W215 (mm) b/w illus

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Medicine and Healing in the Ancient Mediterranean World


There are many recoverable aspects and indications concerning medicine and healing in the ancient past – from the archaeological evidence of skeletal remains, grave-goods comprising medical and/or surgical equipment and visual representations in tombs and other monuments thorough to epigraphic and literary sources. The 42 papers presented here cover many aspects medicine in the Mediterranean world during Antiquity and early Byzantine times, bringing together both internationally established specialists on the history of medicine and researchers in the early stages of their career.

The contributions are grouped under a series of headings: medicine and archaeology; media (online access to electronic corpus); the Aegean; medical authors/schools of medicine; surgery; medicaments and cures; skeletal remains; new research in Cyprus; Asklepios and incubation; and Byzantine, Arab and medieval sources. These subject areas are addressed through a combination of wide ranging archaeological and osteological data and the examination and interpretation of philosophical, literary and historiographical texts to provide a comprehensive suite of studies into early practices in this fundamental field of human experience.

Table of Contents


Conference Programme
Contributors to this Volume

1. Medicine and Archaeology
Athanasios Diamandopoulos
2. Η Ιατρική στην Αιανή και την Άνω Μακεδονία κατά την Αρχαιότητα
Γεωργία Καραμήτρου-Μεντεσίδη και Κώστας Μοσχάκης
Georgia Karamitrou-Mendesidi and Kostas Moschakis
3. Ancient Greek Votives, Vases and Stelae Depicting Medical Diseases
Stefanos Geroulanos
4. The anatomical ex-votos of Hellenistic and Roman Cyprus
Demetrios Michaelides

5. Providing Online Access to Graeco-Roman Medicine: BIUM’s Electronic Corpus of Ancient Physicians
Guy Cobolet

6. Healers and Medicines in the Mycenaean Greek Texts
Robert Arnott
7. Health and Healing on Cretan Bronze Age Peak Sanctuaries
Christine Morris and Alan Peatfield
8. Medical Knowledge on the Evidence of the Iliad
Tamar Sukhishvili

9. Αναζητώντας Ίχνη του Ιπποκρατικού Όρκου
Δημήτριος Λυπουρλής
Dimitrios D. Lipourlis
10. Echoing Hippocrates: Aspects of Genre Intertextuality in the 5th Century BC
Athina Papachrysostomou and Georgios Gazis
11. Ancient Medicine and Philosophy: a Philosopher’s Perspective
Eleni M. Kalokairinou
12. The Threshold of Pain: the Literary Embodiment of Pain and its Cognates in the Hippocratic Corpus
Nicholas A. E. Kalospyros
13. Le Traité de Galien De pulsibus ad tirones : Pratique Médicale et Représentation du Corps Humain
Dina Bacalexi
14. Γαληνού της Περγάμου «Τέχνη Ἰατρική»: Επιτομή της Ιατρικής και των Τομέων
Δημήτριος Χρ. Κουτρούμπας και Γιώργιος Παπαδόπουλος
Dimitrios C. Koutroumpas and Giorgos Papadopoulos
15. An Episode in the Historiography of Malaria in the Ancient World
Philip van der Eijk
16. Medical Dialogue in the Books on Dietetics in the De medicina: Celsus Τaking Αccount of the Patient as a Friend and Individual
Aurélien Gautherie
17. The Contribution of the 4th Century North African Physician, Helvius Vindicianus
Louise Cilliers

18. Back to Basics: Surgeon’s Knives in the Roman World
Ralph Jackson
19. Alexander’s Wounds as a Paradigm for War Surgery
Alfredo Musajo Somma
20. Surgery in Byzantium
Stefanos Geroulanos, Charalambos Panaretos and Euterpe Lymperopoulou
21. Plastic Surgery of the Face in Byzantine Times
Marios Papadakis, Evangelos Sfakiotakis, Marios Fragakis, Constantinos
Trompoukis, Maria Fragaki, Moschoula Leivadara and Andreas Manios

22. The Headache Remedies of the Pseudo-Apuleius. A Modern Reappraisal
Giorgio Zanchin
23. Compound Medicines in Antiquity: a First Approach
Alain Touwaide
24. Lemnian Earth, Alum and Astringency: a Field-based Approach
Euphemia Photos-Jones and Allan J. Hall
25. Ancient Desires to Shape Progeny: The Role of Vision and Soul in Greek and Jewish Sources of Late Antiquity
Ohr Y. Margalit and Chariklia Tziraki-Segal
26. Medicine and Spas in the Roman Period: the Role of Doctors in Εstablishments with Mineral-medicinal Waters
Silvia González Soutelo

27. Health Care and Survival of a Child with Cranial Trauma at Augusta Emerita (Mérida, Spain)
Filipa Cortesᾶo Silva, Juana Mᾶrquez Pérez, Joᾶo Rosa and Ana Luisa Santos
28. A Multi-disciplinary Approach for the Study of the 11th–15th century AD Human Skeletal Remains from Palaion Demarheion, Nicosia, Cyprus
Popi Chrysostomou and Yiannis Violaris

1st International CAPP Symposium ‘New Approaches to Archaeological Human remains in Cyprus’
29. Introduction to the Cyprus Ancient Population Project (CAPP) and the First CAPP Symposium
Kirsi O. Lorentz
30. My Side of the Mountain: Initial Colonisation and Biological Regionalism on Cyprus through the Neolithic and Chalcolithic
Zissis Parras
31. Ante Mortem Tooth Loss in Chalcolithic Populations of Cyprus: Comparisons between Cemetery and Settlement
Kirsi O. Lorentz
32. A Preliminary Look at the Health Status of Chalcolithic Populations: Inferences from Linear Enamel Hypoplasias
Michelle Gamble and Kirsi O. Lorentz
33. A Preliminary Analysis of Trauma Patterns in Early Christian Cyprus
Sherry C. Fox, Ioanna Moutafi, Eleanna Prevedorou and Despina Pilides

34. The Development of the Practice of Incubation in the Ancient World
Juliette Harrisson
35. The Authority of Physicians as Dream Interpreters in the Pergamene Asclepieion
Ido Israelowich
36. Asclepius the Divine Healer, Asclepius the Divine Physician: Epiphanies as Diagnostic and Therapeutic Tools
Georgia Petridou
37. Ὁ Ξενὼν τοῦ Ἁγίου Δημητρίου: Εἰκονογραφικὰ Ζητήματα
Χαραλάμπος Μπακιρτζῆς
Charalambos Bakirtzis
38. Πληροφορίες Ιατρικού Ενδιαφέροντος σε Πηγές του Κανονικού Δικαίου
Πρωτoπρεσβύτερος Βασίλειος Χρ. Τρομπούκης
Father Vasileios Chr. Trompoukis
39. Ασθένειες όπως Περιγράφονται σε Βίους Ιαματικών Αγίων και Τρόποι Θεραπείας αυτών
Δήμητρα Παπαϊωάννου
Demetra Papaioannou

40. The Role of the Egyptian Sea and Land Routes in Justinian Plague: the Case of Pelusium
Costas Tsiamis, Effie Poulakou-Rebelakou and George Androutsos
41. Du Diagnostic Differential aux Therapies Prudentes : Le traité de la rougeole et de la variole de Râzî
Mehrnaz Katouzian-Safadi and Jean-Marc Bonmatin
42. The Ancient Background of Witelo’s Theory of Vision
Maria-Magdalena Weker

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