Mereruka and His Family, part 1 [Paperback]

N. Kanawati (Author); M. Abder-Raziq (Author)

ISBN: 9780856688164 | Published by: Australian Centre for Egyptology | Series: ACE Reports | Volume: 21 | Year of Publication: 2005 | Language: English 52p, 45 pages of plates, CD

Mereruka and His Family, part 1


The mastaba of Mereruka is the most extensively decorated tomb of the Old Kingdom. As a vizier and husband of the eldest daughter of King Teti, Mereruka held an unusually large number of responsibilities and his tomb reflects the wealth and status he enjoyed. Consisting of 32 rooms, 16 of which are decorated, it includes his chapel, that of his wife, Waatetkhethor and his son Meryteti. Each of them possessed a separate shaft and burial chamber with those of Mereruka reflecting almost a Royal status. Despite its clearance in 1893, this important mastaba remains incompletely published. The present project intends to fully document and publish all parts of this tomb beginning with the least currently accessible to scholars. The present volume is therefore devoted to the chapel and burial chamber of Meryteti, son of Mereruka, grandson of King Teti and vizier of Pepy I.

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