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Ancient Bodies Ancient Lives
Sex, Gender, and Archaeology
Rosemary A. Joyce (Author)

From the creators of the first-known human images almost 30,000 years ago, to the lives of 19th and 20th century men and women who seldom appear in conventional histories, this book explores how men and women have represented sexual differences, and lived lives shaped in part by those differences.

Thames and Hudson | Paperback | £13.95 | £7.95


Forms of Dwelling
20 Years of Taskscapes in Archaeology
Ulla Rajala (Author); Philip Mills (Editor)

Important new collection of theoretical and case study papers assessing the continued importance and value of the taskscapes approach in archaeological research 20 years after its conception.

Oxbow Books | Paperback | £38.00 | £12.95

The Earliest Neolithic of Iran
2008 Excavations at Sheikh-E Abad and Jani
Roger Matthews (Editor); Wendy Matthews (Editor); Yaghoub Mohammadifar (Editor)

Over a period of several millennia, from the Late Pleistocene to the Early Holocene (c. 13,000-7000 BC), communities in south-west Asia developed from hunter-foragers to villager-farmers, bringing fundamental changes in all aspects of life.

Oxbow Books | Hardback | £45.00 | £14.95


Newcastle upon Tyne, the Eye of the North
An Archaeological Assessment
C.P. Graves (Author); D. H. Heslop (Author)

Newcastle upon Tyne is one of England’s great cities. Many think of it simply as a product of the Industrial Revolution when abundant natural resources of coal, iron ore and water came together to create a Victorian industrial powerhouse.

Oxbow Books | Hardback | £45.00 | £12.95

Ritual in Early Bronze Age Grave Goods
An examination of ritual and dress equipment from Chalcolithic and Early Bronze Age graves in England
John Hunter (Author); Ann Woodward (Author)

An extensive and intensively illustrated overview and study of a large proportion of the grave goods from English Early Bronze Age burial sites.

Oxbow Books | Hardback | £90.00 | £29.95


Down By The River
Archaeological, Palaeoenvironmental and Geoarchaeological Investigations of The Suffolk River Valleys
Andy Howard (Author); Henry Chapman (Author); Benjamin Gearey (Author)

First major programme of analysis and synthesis of Holocene landscape development in the Suffolk river valleys

Oxbow Books | Hardback | £25.00 | £9.95

Textile Production and Consumption in the Ancient Near East
archaeology, epigraphy, iconography
Marie-Louise Nosch (Editor); Henriette Koefoed (Editor); Eva Andersson Strand (Editor)

In the past, textile production was a key part of all ancient societies. The Ancient Near East stands out in this respect with the overwhelming amount of documentation both in terms of raw materials, line of production, and the distribution of finished products.

Oxbow Books | Hardback | £38.00 | £12.95


Archaeologies of Text
Archaeology, Technology, and Ethics
Matthew T. Rutz (Editor); Morag Kersel (Editor)

Presents current theoretical and practical problems involved in interdisciplinary research into the archaeological contexts of early inscription.

Oxbow Books | Paperback | £30.00 | £9.95

Agricultural and Pastoral Landscapes in Pre-Industrial Society
Choices, Stability and Change
Fèlix Retamero (Editor); Inge Schjellerup (Editor); Althea Davies (Editor)

Through a series of case studies, this third volume in the Earth series deals with the technological constraints and innovations that enabled societies to survive and thrive across a range of environmental conditions.

Oxbow Books | Hardback | £50.00 | £9.95


Archaeologies of Waste
Encounters with the Unwanted
Daniel Sosna (Editor); Lenka Brunclíková (Editor)

Major new multi-disciplinary exploration of the relationship between waste and human societies in terms of value, social differentiation, and space.

Oxbow Books | Paperback | £36.00 | £12.95

Towns and Topography
Essays in Memory of David H. Hill
Gale R. Owen-Crocker (Editor); Susan D. Thompson (Editor)

Fifteen papers examine a variety of aspects of medieval towns and their topography including Anglo-Saxon and Anglo-Scandinavian mints; the burhs of Somerset; and urban perspectives in literature.

Oxbow Books | Hardback | £60.00 | £14.95


Myth and History
Ethnicity & Politics in the First Millennium British Isles
Stephen James Yeates (Author)

Our recent understanding of British history has been slowly unravelling thanks to new techniques such as DNA analysis, new archaeological data and reassessment of the literary evidence.

Oxbow Books | Paperback | £29.95 | £7.95

Romano-British Settlement and Cemeteries at Mucking
Excavations by Margaret and Tom Jones, 1965–1978
Sam Lucy (Author); Christopher Evans (Author)

A comprehensive account of the Romano-British archaeology of the Mucking landscape with detailed description and discussion of an extensive rural farming settlement and its industries in its landscape setting, including important implications for the transition from Roman occupation to Anglo-Saxon settlement.

Oxbow Books | Hardback | £40.00 | £14.95


Embodied Knowledge
Historical Perspectives on Belief and Technology
Marie Louise Stig Sorensen (Editor); Katharina Rebay-Salisbury (Editor)

The body is the main forum for learning about how to do, think and believe and it is a starting point for the granting and forming of many forms of meaning. Fourteen papers explore the relationship between knowledge and the body through a series of historical and archaeological case studies.

Oxbow Books | Hardback | £36.00 | £9.95

Archaeology for the People
Joukowsky Institute Perspectives
John Cherry (Editor); Felipe Rojas (Editor)

Eleven papers on writing archaeology for a popular audience; together they show how archaeology as a discipline can reach beyond academia.

Oxbow Books | Paperback | £28.00 | £7.95


Somerset's Peatland Archaeology
Managing and Investigating a Fragile Resource
Richard Brunning (Author)

The Somerset Levels and Moors are part of a series of coastal floodplains that fringe both sides of the Severn Estuary. These areas have similar Holocene environmental histories and contain a wealth of waterlogged archaeological landscapes and discrete monuments.

Oxbow Books | Hardback | £40.00 | £9.95

Documentary Sources in Ancient Near Eastern and Greco-Roman Economic History
Methodology and Practice
Heather D. Baker (Editor); Michael Jursa (Editor)

This volume breaks new ground in approaching the Ancient Economy by bringing together documentary sources from Mesopotamia and the Greco-Roman world.

Oxbow Books | Hardback | £40.00 | £9.95


The Selhurst Park Project
Middle Barn, Selhurstpark Farm, Eartham, West Sussex 2005–2008
George Anelay (Author)

Presents results of the excavation of a Middle-Late Iron Age farmstead and its enclosures on the South Downs above Chichester, West Sussex

Oxbow Books | Paperback | £40.00 | £14.95

Shell Energy
Mollusc Shells as Coastal Resources
G. N. Bailey (Editor); Karen Hardy (Editor); Abdoulaye Camara (Editor)

Shell middens are ubiquitous archaeological features on coastlines throughout the world that have been variously analysed and interpreted as mounds of food, burial places, or simply as convenient receptacles for the preservation of stratified remains.

Oxbow Books | Hardback | £60.00 | £14.95


With Alexander in India and Central Asia
Moving east and back to west
Claudia Antonetti (Editor); P. Biagi (Editor)

Examines evidence for the exploits of Alexander in the east and their aftermath.

Oxbow Books | Paperback | £40.00 | £12.95

Settlement in the Irish Neolithic
New discoveries at the edge of Europe
Jessica Smyth (Author)

The Irish Neolithic has been dominated by the study of megalithic tombs, but the defining element of Irish settlement evidence is the rectangular timber Early Neolithic house, the numbers of which have more than quadrupled in the last ten years.

Oxbow Books | Hardback | £35.00 | £8.95


Clifton Quarry, Worcestershire
Pits, Posts and Cereals: Archaeological Investigations 2006–2009
Robin Jackson (Author); Andrew Mann (Author)

Presents new evidence for Neolithic activity in the form of Grooved ware pits with important environmental data, and for Early–Middle Iron Age floodplain settlement represented unusually by over 100 four-post granaries and 130 pits in a floodplain location in the central Severn Valley.

Oxbow Books | Hardback | £30.00 | £12.95

State Formation in Italy and Greece
Questioning the Neoevolutionist Paradigm
Donald Haggis (Editor); Nicola Terrenato (Editor)

State Formation in Italy and Greece offers an up-to-date and comprehensive sampler of the current discourse concerning state formation in the central Mediterranean.

Oxbow Books | Paperback | £36.00 | £8.95


Back to the Beginning
Reassessing Social and Political Complexity on Crete during the Early and Middle Bronze Age
I. Schoep (Editor); P. Tomkins (Editor); J. M. Driessen (Editor)

Ever since their first discovery, more than a century ago, the Minoan Palaces have dominated scholarship on the Cretan Bronze Age.

Oxbow Books | Paperback | £40.00 | £7.95

Culture and Perspective at Times of Crisis
State Structures, Private Initiative and the Public Character of Heritage
Sophia Antoniadou (Editor); Giorgos Vavouranakis (Editor); Ioannis Poulios (Author); Pavlina Raouzaiou (Editor)

Culture and Perspective deals with a variety of key aspects concerning heritage management at times of crisis and specifically with the public character of cultural heritage.

Oxbow Books | Paperback | £40.00 | £14.95


Nishapur Revisited
Stratigraphy and Ceramics of the Qohandez
Rocco Rante (Author); Annabelle Collinet (Author)

Nishapur in eastern Iran was an important Silk Road city, its position providing links to central Asia and China, Afghanistan and India, the Persian Gulf and the west.

Oxbow Books | Hardback | £50.00 | £7.95

The Rhyton from Danilo
Structure and Symbolism of a Middle Neolithic Cult-Vessel
Omer Rak (Author); Theresa Alt (Translator); Wayles Browne (Translator)

The so called rhyton from Danilo, an archaeological site near the coastal town of Sibenik in Dalmatia, Croatia, is a four-legged Neolithic vessel made of fired clay that according to the consensus of archaeological opinion was most likely a cult vessel used in rituals of unknown origin and content.

Oxbow Books | Hardback | £50.00 | £14.95


The Tundzha Regional Archaeology Project
Surface Survey, Palaeoecology, and Associated Studies in Central and Southeast Bulgaria, 2009-2015 Final Report
Shawn A. Ross (Editor); Adela Sobotkova (Editor); Julia Tzvetkova (Editor); Georgi Nekhrizov (Editor); Simon Connor (Editor)

Presents the results of extensive and multi-disciplinary archaeological and palaeoecological research in the intermontane Kazanlak Valley and the Thracian Plain along the Tundzha River in Bulgaria, charting settlement history from the Bronze Age to Roman.

Oxbow Books | Hardback | £60.00 | £19.95

The Proto-Elamite Settlement and Its Neighbors
Tepe Yaya Period IVC
Benjamin Mutin (Author); C. C. Lamberg-Karlovsky (Editor)

The site of Tepe Yahya in southeastern Iran is famous, among other important aspects, for the Proto-Elamite complex dated to around 3000 BC (Period IVC).

Oxbow Books | Hardback | £35.00 | £12.95


Butrint 4
The Archaeology and Histories of an Ionian Town
Inge Lyse Hansen (Editor); Richard Hodges (Editor); Sarah Leppard (Editor)

This richly illustrated volume discusses the histories of the port city of Butrint, and its intimate connection to the wider conditions of the Adriatic. In so doing it is a reading, and re-reading, of the site that adds significantly to the study of Mediterranean urban history over the longue durée .

Oxbow Books | Hardback | £55.00 | £14.95

The Southern Transjordan Edomite Plateau and the Dead Sea Rift Valley
The Bronze Age to the Islamic Period (3800/3700 BC–AD 1917)
Burton MacDonald (Author)

Detailed study of the archaeological and literary evidence or occupation of the Southern Transjordan/Edomite Plateau and the Dead Sea Rift Valley to the West

Oxbow Books | Hardback | £60.00 | £9.95


North Meets South
Theoretical Aspects on the Northern and Southern Rock Art Traditions in Scandinavia
Peter Skoglund (Editor); Johan Ling (Editor); Ulf Bertilsson (Editor)

Where previous examinations of rock art have emphasised disparaties between traditions in northern and southern Scandinavia, this volume emphasises similarities in themes, formats and repertoire and discusses new theoretical approaches to analysis which emphasise interaction and commonality.

Oxbow Books | Hardback | £20.00 | £6.95

Transformation in Anglo-Saxon Culture
Toller Lectures on Art, Archaeology and Text
Charles Insley (Editor); Gale R. Owen-Crocker (Editor)

Presents five major cross-disciplinary discourses on the transformation of Anglo-Saxon culture seen through developments in literary text, imagery, historical documents, art and archaeological material culture

Oxbow Books | Paperback | £38.00 | £12.95


Neighbours and Successors of Rome
Traditions of Glass Production and use in Europe and the Middle East in the Later 1st Millennium AD
Daniel Keller (Editor); Jennifer Price (Editor); Caroline Jackson (Editor)

The twenty case-studies in Neighbours and Successors of Rome throw light on the diversity of patterns of glass production, circulation and consumption among societies in Europe and the Near East in the middle and later first millennium AD.

Oxbow Books | Hardback | £50.00 | £12.95

Moving on in Neolithic Studies
Understanding Mobile Lives
Jim Leary (Editor); Thomas Kador (Editor)

New consideration of role and complexities of movement and mobility in the Neolithic period

Oxbow Books | Paperback | £38.00 | £12.95


Global Ancestors
Understanding the Shared Humanity of our Ancestors
Rebecca Redfern (Editor); Jelena Bekvalac (Editor); Heather Bonney (Editor); Margaret Clegg (Editor)

The last decade or so has witnessed around the globe increasing popular awareness of, and concern about, the long-term care and management of human remains.

Oxbow Books | Paperback | £32.00 | £5.95

Exchange Networks and Local Transformations

Maria Emanuela Alberti (Author); Serena Sabatini (Author)

Throughout the local Bronze and Iron Age, European and Mediterranean societies appear to have been involved in complex systems of exchange networks which invariably affected local customs and historical developments.

Oxbow Books | Paperback | £38.00 | £9.95


The End of the Lake-dwellings in the Circum-Alpine region

Francesco Menotti (Editor)

A comprehensive analysis of socio-economic and environmental factors behind the abandonment of 3500 years of prehistoric occupation of lake-dwellings in the Circum-Alpine region.

Oxbow Books | Paperback | £45.00 | £9.95

The Archaeology of the Lower City and Adjacent Suburbs

Kate Steane (Author); Margaret Darling (Author); Michael J. Jones (Author); Jenny Mann (Author); Alan Vince (Author); Jane Young (Author)

This volume contains reports on excavations undertaken in the lower walled city at Lincoln, which lies on sloping ground on the northern scarp of the Witham gap, and its adjacent suburbs between 1972 and 1987, and forms a companion volume to LAS volumes 2 and 3 which cover other parts of the historic city.

Oxbow Books | Hardback | £55.00 | £19.95


Carchemish in Context

T. J. Wilkinson (Author); Edgar Peltenburg (Author); Eleanor Barbanes Wilkinson (Author)

First examination of the ancient city of Carchemish in its regional context from the Neolithic to the islamic period

Oxbow Books | Hardback | £48.00 | £14.95

Agriculture and Industry in South-Eastern Roman Britain

David Bird (Editor)

Major new assessment of Roman agricultural and industrial production and manufacture in the south-eastern region

Oxbow Books | Paperback | £40.00 | £14.95


Social Dimensions of Food in the Prehistoric Balkans

Maria Ivanova (Editor); Bogdan Athanassov (Editor); Vanya Petrova (Editor); Desislava Takorova (Editor); Philipp W. Stockhammer (Editor)

Presents a multi-disciplinary approach to the archaeological exploration of the social dimensions of food production and consumption in the Balkans from the Mesolithic to Early iron Age.

Oxbow Books | Hardback | £48.00 | £14.95

The Upright Thinkers
The Human Journey from Living in Trees to Understanding the Cosmos
Leonard Mlodinow (Author)

Mlodinow guides us through the critical eras and events in the development of science, propelled forward by humankind's collective struggle to know. He argues that just as science has played a key role in shaping the patterns of human thought, human subjectivity has played a key role in the evolution of science.

Pantheon Books | Hardback | £20.00 | £2.50


Art of Estrangement: Redefining Jews in Reconquest Spain

Pamela A. Patton (Author)

Pamela Patton traces the transformation of Iberia's Jews in the visual culture of 12th and 13th-century Spain's Christian-ruled kingdoms as those rulers strove to affiliate with mainstream Europe and distance themselves from an uncomfortably multicultural past.

Penn State University Press | Hardback | £65.95 | £24.95

Grammar and Christianity in the Late Roman World

Catherine M. Chin (Author)

This book looks at the contribution of the grammarian to the creation of a distinctively Christian classical culture and to promoting theological ideas and milleux. The grammarian taught latin language and literature, and were particularly concerned with the correct usage of latin.

Pennsylvania University Press | Hardback | £58.00 | £19.95


The Sea in the Greek Imagination

Marie-Claire Beaulieu (Author)

The sea is omnipresent in Greek life: simultaneously the centre of life and its limit. From dolphin riders to Dionysus, maidens to mermen, Beaulieu investigates the role of the sea in Greek myth in this broad-ranging and innovative study.

Pennsylvania University Press | Hardback | £66.00 | £21.95

Landscapes of the Islamic World: Archaeology, History and Ethnography

Stephen McPhillips (Editor); Paul D. Wordsworth (Editor)

This volume presents new work on the archaeology, history, and ethnography of the Islamic world in the Middle East, the Arabian Peninsula, and Central Asia. The focus looks beyond the city to engage with the predominantly rural and pastoral character of premodern Islamic society.

Pennsylvania University Press | Hardback | £62.00 | £17.50


The Knight, the Cross, and the Song: Crusade Propaganda and Chivalric Literature, 1100-1400

Stefan Vander Elst (Author)

Offering a new perspective on the driving forces of crusading in the period 1100–1400, Stefan Vander Elst traces the development and geographical spread of an innovative use of secular chivalric fiction, arguing that religious devotion was by no means the only motivation used to ensure the Holy war’s continuation.

Pennsylvania University Press | Hardback | £45.00 | £24.95

Rewriting Saints and Ancestors

Constance Brittain Bouchard (Author)

Thinkers in medieval France constantly reconceptualized what had come before, interpreting past events to give validity to the present and help control the future. The long-dead saints who presided over churches and the ancestors of established dynasties were an especially crucial part of creative memory, Constance Brittain Bouchard contends.

Pennsylvania University Press | Hardback | £66.00 | £19.95


Oceanic Art

Nicholas Thomas (Author)

Oceanic art as a whole is continually being shaped by cross-cultural stimuli within the Pacific and beyond – from ancestral carvings of Maori and Sepik ceremonial houses; exchange and warfare rituals in the Soloman Islands; to body art in Polynesia. This book explores the influences, meaning and significance of art for the people of the Pacific.

Thames and Hudson | Paperback | £15.00 | £7.50

The Incas and their Ancestors

Michael E. Moseley (Author)

The archaeology of Peru is spectacular ... and it has been researched more extensively in the last generation than ever before. There is a lot to describe. This volume provides a major synthesis ises his vola

Thames and Hudson | Paperback | £21.95 | £14.95


A Mirror for Magistrates and the Politics of the English Reformation
Massachusetts Studies in Early Modern Culture
Scott Lucas (Author)

A bold reassessment of A Mirror for Magistrates, the popular secular poetry collection widely read in Tudor England. Lucas argues that critics have misconstrued these tragic verse narratives as uncontroversial thoughts on abstract political and philosophical doctrines, instead revealing them to be topically applicable and politically contentious.

University of Massachusetts Press | Hardback | £36.95 | £15.95

Imaginary Betrayals
Subjectivity and the Discourses of Treason in Early Modern England
Karen Cunningham (Author)

In 1352 Edward III expanded the legal definition of treason to include the act of imagining the king’s death. Drawing on early modern literature, this book reveals how ideas of proof were subject to prosecution during the Tudor period, and the implications of literary representations of female sexuality and male friendship at this time.

University of Pennsylvania Press | Hardback | £53.95 | £24.95


Nowhere in the Middle Ages
The Middle Ages Series
Karma Lochrie (Author)

Literary and cultural historians typically cite Thomas More's Utopia as the source of a genre and a concept. Drawing on a range of contemporary scholarship and a broad premodern archive, Lochrie charts variant utopian strains in medieval literature and philosophy that diverge from More's work and at the same time plot uncanny connections with it.

University of Pennsylvania Press | Hardback | £54.00 | £24.95

Strangers Nowhere in the World
The Rise of Cosmopolitanism in Early Modern Europe
Margaret C. Jacob (Author)

Jacob opens up a window into what it was to be cosmopolitan in Europe during the early modern period, exploring changes in science and religion, and in merchant life and public venues, to illuminate the cosmopolitan ethos that gradually emerged over the course of the 17th and 18th centuries.

University of Pennsylvania Press | Paperback | £21.95 | £12.95


Deer and People

Karis Baker (Editor); Ruth Carden (Editor); Richard Madgwick (Editor)

The first multi-disciplinary volume of research on deer draws together research from wide-ranging disciplines and substantially advances our broader understanding of human-deer relationships in the past and the present.

Windgather Press | Paperback | £45.00 | £9.95

Court, Country, City
British Art and Architecture, 1660-1735
Mark Hallett (Editor); Nigel Llewellyn (Editor); Martin Myrone (Editor)

This volume provides fresh perspectives on the art of the late Stuart and early Georgian periods, focusing on the concepts, spaces, and audiences of court, country, and city as reflected in an array of objects, materials, and places.

Yale University Press | Hardback | £55.00 | £29.95


Korea's Golden Kingdom
Soyoung Lee (Editor)

The Silla Kingdom flourished in Korea from 57 BC to 935 AD and is known for its intricately crafted ornaments and for creating prominent Buddhist temples. This volume explores the artistic and cultural legacy of this ancient realm, focusing on the striking artistic traditions of the Old and Unified Silla Kingdoms (4th–8th century).

Yale University Press | Hardback | £50.00 | £19.95

The Middle Ages in Modern England
Michael Alexander (Author)

Now reissued in an updated paperback edition, this ground-breaking account of the Medieval Revival movement examines the ways in which the style of the medieval period was re-established in post-Enlightenment England – from Walpole and Scott, Pugin, Ruskin and Tennyson, to Pound, Tolkien, and Rowling.

Yale University Press | Paperback | £14.99 | £9.95


The Strait Gate
Thresholds and Power in Western History
Daniel Jutte (Author)

The Strait Gate demonstrates how doors, gates, and related technologies such as the key and the lock have shaped the way we perceive and navigate the domestic and urban spaces that surround us in our everyday lives. Jutte reveals how doors have served as sites of power, exclusion, and inclusion-and, by extension, as metaphors for salvation-in the course of Western history.

Yale University Press | Hardback | £53.00 | £8.95

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