New Titles Submissions

Updated blank New Titles Import Spreadsheet here.

Instructions for completing the New Titles Import Spreadsheet:

Please note that any columns highlighted in red are mandatory requirements for Amazon and Nielsen.

Master ISBN- For paperbacks which have a hardback edition, please include the hardback ISBN. For digital titles please include the ISBN of the corresponding print edition

ISBN-  13-digit ISBN without dashes



Author  1-5 Surname-  Although the title for these columns says Author, please put the Author/Editor/Translator/... Surname(s)…

Author 1-5 Forename- and their Forname(s) following in the next column. There needs to be at least one name for every title.

Author 1-5 Function- Need to pick from the drop down box, Author, Editor, Translator, Illustrator, Introduction, Other in correspondence to each Surname/Forename.

Author 1-5 Biography- This can be left blank.

Publication Date- format is: DD/MM/YYYY, if you do not have an exact day please put the last day of the expected month.

Ship Date- This can be left blank.

Publication Status- Please choose from the drop down box: Avail (Available), NYP (Not Yet Published), TOS (Temporarily Out of Stock), OP (Out of Print), RUC (Reprint Under Consideration), RP (Reprinting), POD (Print on Demand) or Aban (Abandoned).

Subject 1- Please choose a subject from the drop down box. These subjects correspond with the subject on our website.

Subject 2- If applies, please select a second subject from the drop down box.

BIC Codes- Please enter one or more BIC Codes for the book, separated with semi-colons.

Keywords-  A keyword should be a one or two-word search item that would not be included in the title/subtitle, or BIC/BISAC code textual description. These can be words pulled from the description which customers would use to complete a search on Amazon or Google. For example, if you have a WW2 British aviation book and Royal Air Force or RAF aren’t included in the title, these should go in the keyword list. Keywords should be separated by a comma, no space necessary between each one.

Key features - Up to three points, separated by a ";".

Series Name-  If applies, please put the series name.

Series Volume- If applies, please put the number of the series.

Pages- Page Count (numeric only, do not include p or pp)

Height/Width - Please enter the dimensions in millimetres.

Illustrations- If applies, please put here how many b/w or color illustrations and any other illustration details.

Pricesfor print titles please fill in at least the GBP and EUR price.  If you are submitting print and digital data all three prices should be filled in for each format.  These prices are used for reference.

Binding- This needs to be selected from the drop down box and must be: Hardback, Paperback, Spiralbound, Map, ePub, PDF, PRC (Kindle), CD-Audio, CD- Rom, DVD- Video, DVD-Rom or Cassette.

Language- please put the primary language(s) of the text. If more than one language please separate them a “/”.

Number of Volumes- need be filled in only if it's a multi-volume set (ie "2" for a 2-volume set,"3" for a 3-volume set etc etc).

Barcode Location - optional. Please choose from the drop-list. 

Website CopyPlease fill in the description here. If a description in more than one language is inlcuded, please put the English description first.

Short Description- If a long description was provided above and a short description in English is available as well, please include those here. This description is limited to 350 characters (including spaces and full stops, etc.).

AI & Catalogue Copy - This description should be limited to 1700 characters (ca 250 words) and should include the key information about your book to be included in the Oxbow trade catalogue and on conference flyers where space is limited.

Table of Contents- optional

Edition- Complete only if not the first edition.

Edition Statement- Refers to edition type (complete only if you have completed the "edition" column)

Audience- Please select from the drop down box, which the options are: College/higher Education, Professional and Scholarly, Children/juvenile, General/Trade