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Like a vessel travelling through the night, the writer must navigate through the darkness; resisting the forceful currents and torrential weather which threaten to blur their vision and threaten the journey which all writers make from the generative stages of their work, all the way to its eventual publication. The writer is as inseparable from the written word as the sailor is from the sea. But the night boat’s voyage doesn’t end with the book’s publication, it ends when the writer’s written words touch the heart of a reader. That is why it is Nightboat Books’ mission to provide the writer, the navigator, with the light necessary on their difficult and enigmatic journey so that their vision can reach the reader.

Nightboat Books is a non-profit organisation located in Brooklyn, New York, and founded in 2003. Its mission statement is simple and admirable: to develop audiences for writers with challenging, unconventional and transcending works; to publish books rich with poignancy and risk.   

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