Old and New Worlds [Hardback]

Geoff Egan (Author); Ronn Michael (Author)

ISBN: 9781900188920 | Published by: Oxbow Books | Year of Publication: 1999 | Language: English 396p, with illus

Old and New Worlds


Even before the Mayflower sailed across the Atlantic in 1620, the material and cultural lives of the 'Old' and 'New' worlds were inextricably linked. This book reflects the techniques which archaeologists have used over the last 30 years to try and unravel, from a mass of material evidence, the lives of early Americans, and their English contemporaries. This book discusses the unique methodologies which historical archaeologists (in both Britain and the US) have developed to study early modern and industrial societies and new theoretical approaches focusing on ethnicity and domestic space, and new practical techniques using environmental as well as artifactual evidence. The book contains forty two essays arranged thematically. Five are concerned with the use and interpretation of evidence; thirteen describe settlements and their communities on both sides of the Atlantic; four are on nautical and military operations; thirteen are concerned with artefacts and pottery and their manufacture and distribution; and seven use environmental evidence to throw new light on the human populations, and the plant and animal worlds of the time.

Table of Contents

Presidents’ Foreword (David Barker and Henry Miller)
Conference Organisers’ Introductions (Norman F. Barka and Geoff Egan)
Approaches to the Evidence:
1 Different Strokes for Different Folks: The transAtlantic Development of Historical and Post Medieval Archaeology (Paul Courtney)
2 The Centrality of Post Medieval Studies to General Historical Archaeology (Robert L. Schuyler)
3 The New Postmedieval Archaeology (Matthew Johnson)
4 The Practice of American Historical Archaeology (Marley Brown III)
5 Teaching and Learning Post Medieval Archaeology in Britain (Deirdre O’Sullivan
Communities of the Old and New Worlds:
6 Row and Terrace (Roger H. Leech)
7 Lord Baltimore and the Meaning of Brick Architecture in 17th Century Maryland (Julia A. King and Edward E. Chaney)
8 London – Axis of the Commonwealth? (Geoff Egan)
9 Archaeology and Town Planning (Henry M. Miller)
10 Ethnohistory, Historical Archaeology, and the Rise of Social Complexity in Native North America: Case Studies in Southern New England (Kathleen J. Bragdon
11 Archives and Archaeology: The Ulster Plantations in the Landscape (Nick Brannon)
12 Extending Europe’s Grasp: An Archaeological Comparison of Colonial Spatial Processes in Ireland and Jamaica (James A. Delle)
13 The Archaeology of Domestic Life in Early America (Mary C. Beaudry)
14 The Archaeology of Ethnicity: An Example from Sacramento, California’s Early Chinese District (Adrian Praetzellis)
15 Interdisciplinary Perspectives on the Production of Urban Industrial Space (Stephen A. Mrozowski)
16 A Glimpse of the Colony of Avalon (James A. Tuck, Barry Gaulton and Matthew Carter)
17 The Recent Archaeology of Enslaved Africans and African Americans (Ywone D. Edwards Ingram)
18 St Kilda: Excavations in a 19th Century Hebridean Village (Norman Emery)
Bridges and Divisions – Crossing the Seas and Military Operations: 19 Echoes of Axes, Adzes and Pitsaws (Damian M. Goodburn
20 Oceans of Destiny: Underwater Archaeology in the Americas (Robyn P. Woodward)
21 Guns and Guidance: The Late Stuart Ordnance Office and its American Connections (Geoffrey Parnell)
22 Military Archaeology of America’s Colonial Wars (David R. Starbuck)
Manufactured Goods: Production, Movement and Consumption: 23 Cherishing the Cradle of Industry: Protection of Industrial Monuments in England (David Cranstone)
24 From Icons to Ideology: A Perspective on Artefacts and Historical Archaeology in the Americas (Barbara J. Little)
25 The Post Medieval Ceramic Revolution in Southern Britain c.1450–1650 (David R. M. Gaimster)
26 The Ceramic Revolution 1650–1850 (David Barker)
27 Post Medieval Redware Pottery of London and Essex (Beverley Nenk with Michael J. Hughes)
28 The Pottery Industry of the Surrey/Hampshire Borders in the 16th and 17th Centuries (Jacqueline Pearce)
29 Tinglazed Ware in London: A Review (Roy Stephenson)
30 A Review of the Donyatt Potteries, Somerset, with an Interim Report of its Products Recorded in the Colonies of America (Richard Coleman Smith)
31 Producers, Distributors and Redistributors: The Role of the South Western Ports in the 17th Century Ceramics Trades (John Allan)
32 Excavating the Pottery of John Bartlam: America’s First Creamware Potter (Stanley South)
33 British Ceramics on the American Colonial Frontier 1760–1800 (Teresita Majewski and Vergil E. Noble)
34 Little Tubes of Mighty Power: A Review of British Clay Tobacco Pipe Studies (David A. Higgins)
35 Traders, Indians, and Middlemen: The Foundations of the British North American Fur Trade (Charles E. Cleland)
Humans, Animals, Plants and Landscapes: 36 The Study of Human Skeletal Remains from English Post Medieval Sites (Simon Mays)
37 Archaeobotanical Evidence from London on Aspects of Post Medieval Urban Economies (John Giorgi)
38 An Evaluation of Regional Differences in Colonial English Foodways (Charles D. Cheek)
39 The Chesapeake Landscape and the Ecology of Animal Husbandry (Joanne Bowen)
40 ‘Of Cabbages – and Kings’: Garden Archaeology in Action (Brian Dix)
41 Adding Content to Structure: Integrating Environment and Landscape (Lisa Kealhofer)
42 Current Trends in the Archaeological Study of Post Medieval Landscapes in England: Context, Character and Chaos (Richard Newman)

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