Origins of the Peruvian Labor Movement, 1883–1919, The [Paperback]

Peter Blanchard (Author)

ISBN: 9780822984887 | Published by: University of Pittsburgh Press | Series: Pitt Latin American Series | Year of Publication: 1982 | Language: English 238p, H230 x W150 (mm)

Origins of the Peruvian Labor Movement, 1883–1919, The


In January 1919 the Peruvian government issued a decree establishing the eight-hour work day—the culmination of thirty years of struggle by Peru\u2019s works and evidence of the increasing influence of the labor movement in Peruvian politics and society. Beginning in October 1883 at the time of Treaty of Anc\u00f3n terminating four years of warfare with Chile, Peru\u2019s workers started a thirty-year effort to become an active and influential sector of society. They formed organizations, actively participated in the nation\u2019s political life, engaged in industrial agitation—all revealing a growing class consciousness and an ability to compel both employers and governments to respond to their demands. Blanchard\u2019s analysis and insights into the economic factors underlying Peru\u2019s labor unrest also extends to labor developments and the modernization process throughout Latin America.

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