Re/Search Milano: Map of a City in Pieces [Paperback]

VV AA (Editor)

ISBN: 9788869770371 | Published by: Mimesis International | Year of Publication: 2016 | Language: English 400p, H210 x W140 (mm) Approx 90 b/w images (maps, photos, illus.)

Re/Search Milano


A hypertextual guide to an uncharted Milan, the liveliest, expressed through features far from the media’s limelight. The Milan of places where independent and underground culture is produced, where new ways of life and socializing are experimented on a daily basis, with participation and dissemination of knowledge. A guide capable of, firstly, disassembling the numerous components of the urban framework to then give useful tips for an upstream, erratic journey full of surprise and emotion.
 A topography of author itineraries between psyche and territory, narrative itineraries written by the best pens of Milan in a fun game of clues, links and chance, but also of new correlations in which the readers can become protagonists. The project, to which a multitude of researchers, artists, academics and professionals will take part, wants to contribute to the growth and enrichment of a different Milan, different from the one portrayed by the official signage.
 In addition, the Guide – with its website of interactive maps – allows all the realities involved to “trespass” their reference fields and interact with the other reported experiences.

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