Tuning Architecture with Humans: Neuroscience boosters architects' comprehension of people needs [Paperback]

Davide Ruzzon (Author)

ISBN: 9788869774003 | Published by: Mimesis International | Series: Architecture | Year of Publication: 2022 | Language: English 200p, H210 x W170 (mm)

Tuning Architecture with Humans


The features of humankind’s interaction with the natural enrivonment have, over the course of evolution, slowly consolidated specific models of behavior. In the social dimension, these primitive schemes of interaction between the body and the enviroment have generated the blooming of consciousness and gradually also of language. Neuroscience sheds light on the mechanism by which the artifical envionrnment – i.e. architecture – has represented a crucial moment of change in improving human beings’ cognitive capacities. This fact situates the beginning of architecture in an even more distant past. There are certain natural situations which, taken together with humankind’s actions and body, in the phase of homo erectus, which can therefore be considered the very first architecture. In particular, the technology and architecture which humankind has developed over the last two centuries, along with cultural and social transformations, have modified the environment without a sufficient awareness of the fundamental role played by nature in cognitive evolution. Today’s cities, and the entirety of our environmental conditions, are nothing other than the mirror image of this fogetting.

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