Manuscripts of Iceland [Paperback]

Gisli Sigurasson (Editor); Vesteinn Olason (Author)

ISBN: 9789979819882 | Published by: Iceland University Press | Year of Publication: 2005 | Language: English 195p, 112 col and 32 b/w illus

Manuscripts of Iceland


A comprehensive and profusely illustrated accompaniment to the exhibition The Manuscripts of Iceland which was organised by the Arni Magnusson Institute and opened in the Culture House in Reykjavik on October 5, 2002. In this collection of articles scholars present the story of Icelandic manuscripts, their medieval origins, the literature they contain and its influence up to the present day. The meeting of written Christian and classical culture with the rich oral traditions in Iceland brought forth a remarkable literary flowering, an eloquent source of information about pagan Scandinavian culture and thought. In time this literature came to inspire the sense of national character in the Nordic countries and exerted notable influence in the German- and English- speaking worlds. This book is a tribute to the central role that medieval Icelandic literature played in forging national identities in Northern Europe.

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