Papers of the British School at Rome Volume 69 (2001) [Hardback]

Published by: British School at Rome | Series: PAPERS OF THE BSR | Volume: 69 | Year of Publication: 2001 | Language: English

Papers of the British School at Rome Volume 69 (2001)


The Papers of the British School at Rome exists to publish work related to the archaeology, history and literature of Italy and other parts of the mediterranean area up to modern times, in the first instance by the staff of the School and by its present and former members. The Papers is edited by the Faculty of Archaeology, History and Letters of the Council of the BSR, and is a refereed journal.

Table of Contents

Andrew Wallace-Hadrill, The British School at Rome 1901-2001 (pp. 1-2)
T.W.Potter† and Simon Stoddart, A century of prehistory and landscape studies at the British School at Rome (pp. 3-34)
Chris Wickham, Medieval studies and the British School at Rome (pp. 35-48)
Ruth D. Whitehouse, Exploring gender in prehistoric Italy (pp. 49-96)
Enrico Angelo Stanco, Un contesto ceramico medio-repubblicano nella Valle del Mignone (Frassineta Franco Q. 266) (pp. 97-130)
Andrew Gillett, Rome, Ravenna and the last western emperors (pp. 131-167)
Marios Costambeys, Burial topography and the power of the Church in fifth- and sixth-century Rome (pp. 169-189)
Diana Norman, A place of pilgrimage: a proposal for the original location of the Arca of Saint Cerbone (pp. 191-221)
Donal Cooper, 'Qui Perusii in archa saxea tumulatus': the shrine of Beato Egidio in San Francesco al Prato, Perugia (pp. 223-244)
David Rundle, A Renaissance bishop and his books: a preliminary survey of the manuscript collection of Pietro del Monte (c. 1400-57) (pp. 245-272)
Kate Lowe, Artistic patronage at the Clarissan convent of San Cosimato in Trastevere, 1400-1600 (pp. 273-297)
Christer Bruun, Frontinus, Pope Paul V and the Aqua Alsietina/Traiana confusion (pp. 299-315)
Claudia Bolgia, Il mosaico absidale di San Teodoro a Roma: problemi storici e restauri attraverso disegni e documenti inediti (pp. 317-351)
Nicholas C. Vella and Oliver Gilkes, The lure of the antique: nationalism, politics and archaeology in British Malta (1880-1964) (pp. 353-384)

Interim reports
Oliver Gilkes and Matthew Moran, San Vincenzo without the walls — excavations 1996-7 (pp. 385-392)
Anthony Majanlahti, Mapping Rome: urban change in the neighbourhood of Santa Caterina della Rota (pp. 393-395)

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