Papers of the British School at Rome Volume 72 (2004) [Hardback]

Published by: British School at Rome | Series: PAPERS OF THE BSR | Volume: 72 | Year of Publication: 2004 | Language: English

Papers of the British School at Rome Volume 72 (2004)


The Papers of the British School at Rome exists to publish work related to the archaeology, history and literature of Italy and other parts of the mediterranean area up to modern times, in the first instance by the staff of the School and by its present and former members. The Papers is edited by the Faculty of Archaeology, History and Letters of the Council of the BSR, and is a refereed journal.

Table of Contents

Helen Patterson, Helga Di Giuseppe and Rob Witcher , Three South Etrurian 'crises': first results of the Tiber Valley Project;
Henrik Mouritsen , Pits and politics: interpreting colonial fora in Republican Italy;
Paul Johnson, Simon Keay and Martin Millett, Lesser urban sites in the Tiber valley: Baccanae, Forum Cassii and Castellum Amerinum;
Ulrike Roth , Inscribed meaning: the vilica and the villa economy;
Frank Sear , Cisterns, drainage and lavatories in Pompeian houses, Casa del Granduca (VII.4.56);
T.P. Wiseman , Where was the nova via ?;
Pier Luigi Tucci , Eight fragments of the Marble Plan of Rome shedding new light on the Transtiberim;
Lucy Grig , Portraits, pontiffs and the Christianization of fourth-century Rome;
Joan Barclay Lloyd , Medieval Dominican architecture at Santa Sabina in Rome, c.1219 - c.1320;
Louis Cellauro , Daniele Barbaro and Vitruvius: the architectural theory of a Renaissance humanist and patron;
Hugh Brigstocke , The 5th Earl of Exeter as Grand Tourist and Collector.

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