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The Medieval Chantry in England
The Medieval Chantry in England is a special themed issue of Volume 164 of the Journal of the British Archaeological Association. Subscribers to the journal will receive a paperback version of the issue as part of their subscription.
The development of the major settlement of Lundenwic in the late 7th century AD marked the rebirth of London as a town. In the following century the emporium served as a seaport for the landlocked kingdom of Mercia and played a significant role in the maritime trade of north-west Europe.
The British Museum Citole
The British Museum citole is a unique example of medieval craftsmanship and is one of very few surviving instruments from the Middle Ages.
Wharram XIII

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The final volume in the series Wharram: A Study of Settlement on the Yorkshire Wolds charts the history of Wharram Percy from later prehistoric times down to the 16th century. The first part of the volume summarises the excavation programme and discusses key influences on the methods and techniques adopted at Wharram.
Myth and History

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Our recent understanding of British history has been slowly unravelling thanks to new techniques such as DNA analysis, new archaeological data and reassessment of the literary evidence.
Interpreting the English Village

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An original and approachable account of how archaeology can tell the story of the English village.
Medieval Rural Settlement
Medieval Rural Settlement: Britain and Ireland, AD 800-1600 is a major assessment and review of the origins, forms and evolutions of medieval rural settlement in Britain and Ireland across the period c. AD 800-1600.