Diu Crône and the Medieval Arthurian Cycle [Hardback]

N. Thomas (Author)

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ISBN: 9780859916363 | Published by: Boydell & Brewer Ltd | Year of Publication: 2002 | Language: English 152p,

Diu Crône and the Medieval Arthurian Cycle


`The Crown' is a rewriting of an Arthurian myth but, more than a mere collage of Arthurian traditions, it provides a new imaginative framework for them. Preserved in a number of manuscripts, the original was written by Heinrikh von dem Tuerlin in c.1230 in southern Germany. The subject of Diu Crône is an alternative version of Arthur's early years and the exploits of Gawain in his quest for the Grail. Thomas explores Tuerlin's knowledge and use of French Arthurian literature asserting that he relied on more than one source (Chrétien de Troyes) as Tuerlin claims. German extracts are also presented in English translation.

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