In Search of the First Venetians [Hardback]

Luigi Andrea Berto (Author)

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ISBN: 9782503541013 | Published by: Brepols | Year of Publication: 2014 | Language: English 485p,

In Search of the First Venetians


This prosopographical study provides information about each Venetian living in the early Middle Ages, from the invasion of the Lombards in 569 - an action that forced part of northeast Italy’s population to seek refuge on the islands of the Venetian lagoon - to the rule of Duke Petrus Ursoylus II (991-1008). There is an entry for each individual listing all available information and quoting the full text of primary sources within the footnotes. The data are organized in categories such as families, first names, rulers, women, office holders, ecclesiastics, occupations, and places of residence (Venice was a duchy with different urban centres).

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