An Obscure Portrait: Imaging Women's Reality in Byzantine Art [Hardback]

Rudolf Meyer (Author)

ISBN: 9781904597322 | Published by: Pindar Press | Year of Publication: 2009 | Language: English 575p, 258 illus.

An Obscure Portrait


Recent discussions on Byzantine art have been dominated by the question of representing realia . Among these, however, the way works of art reflect the daily life of women have not received much space or attention. The present book studies various images representing women's status and her performative tasks, and their significance from the fourth century to the fall of the Empire, through analysis of archaeological evidence and works of art. It addresses a wide range of questions, some pertaining both to pictorial traditions and to their late antique antecedents, others peculiar to changing and evolving Byzantine culture and mentality. The book aims to lift a veil from known and less known works of art and to present the rarely described picture of the daily life of women in Byzantine art over a very wide chronological span of time, in an effort to expand our knowledge of women in Byzantium and their realia .

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